Friday, May 9, 2008

I Joined omg sgblogawards 2008!

(click logo to be directed to official website)
" 7 out of 10 singaporeans are bloggers"

Why should you join this contest?
#1:This is not just a popularity contest
#2:there are judges to judge your blog.
#3: It's not based on Blog views.
#4: Showcase your blogging skills.
#5: The prize is a laptop and a trophy!!!

So everyone has got EQUAL chance to be chosen!

How it goes...
Round #1: Nomination. (till 1st june)
Round #2: Judging. A panel of judges from omy’s editorial team will select 10 top entries for each of the seven award categories.(2 weeks)
Round #3: Voting. (Which is disadvantage for some people...) - 4 weeks
Round #4: Results =)

You have to submit your Best 3 entries that you have blogged so far, and judges will judge based on the entries. So what are u waiting for?