Saturday, May 10, 2008

I won!

[ I actually blogged this post last night.When u see this post, i am actually working and I am working from 12 noon to 10.30pm today. This post is Scheduled by me to be published at 4PM.]

After so many people asking for Ah shui, Ah shui. I finally published my 'Superhero' Post, hopefully can win something.

Talking about winning something. I actually won another blog contest, which is my School's [Weblog @ RP - Holiday Blogging contest] They did not state what was the prize. I went to collect it today at the One Stop Center.

*Counter Staff hands me an envelope after i fill in my particulars*What's inside?
So i was thinking, "It must be some kinda voucher..." What can you expect in an envelope other than paper? It's not bulky...
Movie tickets!
I was right =) 2 gift voucher for any show @ Cathay Cinema. I should have collected it yesterday, cos i watched IRON MAN -___-
Catch my review soon!

Now my mum got nothing to say about Blogging is useless. I have won an Ipod shuffle through blogging, Now it's a pair of Movie tickets =) What's next?