Thursday, May 8, 2008

It's difficult to get Ping???

Why is it so difficult to get people to pong your post??

Does People really bother to revoke the pong?
Well, i don't. Everytime i read a post, whether the post is interesting or not, i would not revoke the pong. Do you? Why?

From the current top 10 list, top is a post with 91 reads but only 34 pongs. So where did the other 57 pongs? Second is 101 reads with 31 pongs, the other 70 pongs???

By right it should be easier than INNIT, gives u a paragraph of what the entry is gonna be like, so you can read the first paragraph, if u wan to continue reading, then u link the title, which equals to 1 pong.

Anyone agrees/disagree with me?