Thursday, May 8, 2008

Looks like Nuffnang got Competition...

Looks like Nuffnang got Competition.
Have anyone of you received an email by website named 'SocialSpark'

I did not pay much attention to it as i was loyal to nuffnang as Nuffnang provides me with everything that i need. A analtical tool, a traffic driving tool (INNIT) and also pays me for advertisment.

But then i received the email from SocialSpark again. So i decided to check it out to see what've it got to offer.

SocialSpark has 2 options for blogger. One is something like Nuffnang where the ads will appear on your blog and then at the end of the ad period, you get paid. Another would be you choose the ads and they will pay u according. Each post is about avg. $5 (i didn't check what currency they offer)

I was so tempted to join but i decided not to so that i can keep my gitterati status =) and also i have ads running for 2 weeks!!! and also, i maybe cashing out soon!!!

But then...Will socialspark affects the gitterati status?