Saturday, May 24, 2008

The more the merrier!

Ok, i really don't know what to blog...

Oh ya! Let me share something with u all.
Remember my Ben and Jerry's post regarding the free cone day?
I sent the photos to STOMP.
And guess what? The post hit almost 3000 hits and 20 comments! If you are interested, you can view the post HERE. I was like, Wow. So many people are using STOMP, imagine my blog URL is in the website, i bet my traffic would increase like Siao! haha *Dreaming*

Talking about hits, i am SUPER satisfied with this week's hits. According to nuffnang, i have like 3000 pageviews and 2000 uniques for this week. Which is about...*Damn, my stupid home computer doesn't even has calculator!* Manual calculation, which is about 428 views and 285 uniques per day =) WhoOts. 22nd May is the best! 600 pageviews and 415 uniques, broke my record. I wonder which band will i hit for the nuffnang ads...

Alright, i shall end my post here =)