Monday, May 5, 2008

SG: Blog-tastic contest!

Any one of you joining this competition?
Singapore Movie Fiesta 08 in collaboration with Nuffnang is organising this blogging contest where we, create our own singapore's superhero.

YOU create the superhero, the powers he/she should have, the name etc.

And if you win this competition, or your entry is in the top 10 best blog entries, you win a pair of movie tickets! and get a superhero transformation! (what does this superhero transformation really means???)

But the BEST THING about this contest is the PRIZE!... A ACER LAPTOP. it's not some kind of cheapo laptop, it's the ACER ASPIRE 8920G. It look so SUPER cool!

What are u waiting for? The first 25 entries gets a pair of golden vilage tickets =)

For more info, checkout

I already got my storyline out, all i need to do is design the costume for a higher chance of winning!!! Contest end 11 May.

P.S: You should hurry submit your entry in case other people got the same idea as you...