Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Thinking back...

I have been busy creating my Superhero for Nuffnang Superhero Blog-fastic Contest. I have already done most of it, all i need to do is put everything together and publish the post. It's gonna be a lame story, but i tried my best =)

I have been blog-hopping in class these few days,and i am so happy to see other bloggers out there praising my blog and they are TOTAL strangers. This blogging journey is getting more interesting. People are recognising me on the street, Strangers linking/ recommending my blog to their readers BUT i am not that famous like some people thought. There are people adding me on msn asking me whether i am the 'FAMOUS-BLOGGER-IN-RP', are you all talking about Ice angel?

Tell me, who heard of this blogger named ANdyStorm?
Maybe 1 in 20? Or even none in 20 =(

Maybe when one day my traffic hit 1000hits/day, den you can consider me as famous, but when will that day come? Some people say, when Xiaxue link you. Haha. Like talented Jayden?