Friday, May 9, 2008

Top 4 Analytic tool for blogs

Before coming up with this post, i have "implanted" several analytic tools on my blog and i can say- Nuffnang is no doubt the best analytic tool.
Is there other that are better?
Presenting - Top 4 Analytic tool for blogs.


#1: Other than waiting for ads to appear on your blog and earn some moo-lah, Nuffnang analytics gives you and overview of the visitors visiting your blog. Also they will show u where the visitors are coming from. Which country(Came from), oR even which Website your visitors are coming in (Referrals) and it records your daily record of visitors. Which includes today, this week, last week and last month.You can even see which fellow nuffnang-er is reading your blog! This blogger community also allow u to join in the "Forum" called the Innit, which is setup to help improve your traffic, So if nuffnang isn't the best analytics, which is?


#2: You may say Sitemeter. Sitemeter is indeed a good analytic. It tells your the average readers u have a day, the time that they spent on your blog, for the last hour, how many readers, and same as nuffnang, Readers for that hour and for the past week. There is much more details than nuffnang. There is even traffic Prediction! But nuffnang has such good user interface, and graphs to show u all you need to know, why look for something more complicated?

What are the other 2? Check it out Soon!