Friday, May 9, 2008

Top 4 Analytic tool for blogs

Continued from Part 1:
#3:Another analytic tool.
Extreme Tracker. Yes, there are graphs to show u, u have to scroll, scroll and scroll, and you see a lot of graphs...but do u understand them? Dun confuse yourself.
#4:The simplest tool that almost every blogger is using. The counter. Mine is a
domino counter. There are 3 types of domino counter. One that record your every visitor, one that record the no. of visitor at that point of time, and one that records the visitoR that came to your blog for that day. Which means it will hover. The no. will reset everyday. One famous user of this counter is Xiaxue. Well, this counter has no graphs nor anything, but just numbers.

Well, so is Nuffnang the best analytic tool?