Friday, May 2, 2008

URL woes...

I always thought that i got one of the longest URL in today's blogosphere...
My previous URL was
Now it's

Isn't it long? I always thought of changing my URL to just a simple

(btw, i registered andystorm.blogspot already, just in case there is another'Andystorm' out there, you never know...)

Just look at the SGfriends badge(s) on the left sidebar. It doesn't look nice compared to missy-mabelline OR claireching.

But just when i thought i got the longest URL in the blogosphere, i was reading jayden's blog and i saw this URL:
It's like...OMg, that is super loonnngggg!!! So mine isn't the worse =) but that owner of that long URL have moved to 'a 4 letter word' so mine is still the longest URL i know of...But the question is...
Should i change URL?