Friday, June 6, 2008

What to do?

2 more days till i go on a holiday. Which means i won't be blogging for like 5 days? Or maybe i will...You'll find out...
How's my chicken pox? I think i have recovered, i think so. No more 'pox' growing, some gone, some became smaller, some dried i might be able to go on a holiday after all. Except that i need to touch up on the photos i take before posting it on my blog =X So minus 10%, u get the real me =)

I got another major problem...I got tickets for this Sunday's Nuffnang Event, plus some kinda of superhero voucher. BUT my mum says she is not letting me out of the house! Dammit! I know it's one day before we go overseas but...

I already miss tomorrow's event, for Blogger's treat! Now this Nuffnang Event...Who's going??? Drop me a comment below =)