Thursday, June 19, 2008

I want to do a FAQ page!

Everytime i on my laptop, i would tell myself - "I have to blog about my Genting trip, i need to select and edit the photos!" BUT everytime i would do other things.

When i really got nothing to do, i blog about the trip, k?

Today, is something very special. I want to let you people know more about me. So i shall do up a FAQ page like the rest of the famous people.

I will make sure this FAQ page would be a interesting one.

But before i go that, i would need YOU people to ask me things you all want to know! For example, " Andy, Why are u called ANdyStorm?", " Any chance it's related to X-men?" etc.

So...This is a Promotional Poster i created...
Ask me questions!
Do submit your questions using Haloscan below. Moderation is ON-ed for this post, because i know some people will come up with silly questions...(feeling guilty?)

When i feel that i have enough questions, i will do up the post =) So the more Questions the merrier!!!
more, MOre, MORe, MoRe,MORE!

I got my inspiration from Xiaxue. Checkout her FAQ HERE!