Sunday, June 29, 2008

Bowling @ Ehub!

Alright, back to blogging, perhaps some of you know about the “Misleading blog title” issue that happened few days ago, well, what I have got to say is just, if you like my blog, you are welcome to stay and look forward to my updates, BUT if you dislike/hate my blog, you can jolly well get lost and never come back =)

I’m suppose to blog this yesterday but due to UNFORESEEN circumstances, it is delay till today. It happened on last Tuesday?

Decided to skip Java lesson halfway because I was quite lost in class (partially because I wasn’t interested in Java. Peggy and I skipped class halfway and headed to Ehub @ Downtown east!


Yup, that’s me and Peggy =) happily skipping school and travel all the way from woodlands to Pasir Ris. One game cost 3 bucks + $1.20 shoe rental (students), Nebo member got discount. Nebo membership sounds very attractive…

*Get back to main topic*

We decided to take photos of us bowling. So I suggest taking multi-shots then I use photoshop to put the photos together and make it to an animation. Final result:


Me throwing a shot. I think the final pose is abit too off. I think my hand raise too high =X Is a gutter ball? Is it a spare?

NO! It’s a strike!


Peggy’s turn. So you guess who won? Who the better one? Isn’t it obvious? It’s *cough* me *cough* of course. No lah, on par la.


I win her by 3 pins only. I still get 2 strikes in a row leh!!! I tell u all something, don’t laugh ar… I feel that strike is a waste of money. You get to throw 2 times each turn but we wasted one turn by striking, why not just throw one ball, hit a few pins, den finish the frame by hitting the rest of the pins? =X

After bowling, we went to explore the rest of Ehub =)