Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Happy Belated Daddy's Day!!!

I better post this post before it's overdue!!!
As if my dad will read this... But i heard his colleague's son reads my blog...

So how did you help celebrate your dad's day? As for my family... we had a simple lunch at Jack's Place =)

While waiting for our food, i was snapping photos non-stop, trying the get the perfect shot so that i can blog about it...
That's 4 happy people, having a simple lunch at Jack's place. So we looked through the menu and decide what we want and wait... *Sings* ~Why are we waiting, why are we waiting...
Here comes the food! With my 2 mega pixels auto focus camera plus photoshopping skills, does the food look appetising?

"Erm,excuse me, you are drooling, can u wipe them off before they drip onto your keyboard?""
The final verdict. Well, it was definitely well-spent. I would recommend Jack's place to anyone cos the food there is really nice + the ambience + friendly crew.

P.S: There is Student's Meal too! so we can save $$!

Alright, that's all for Father's Day. Did u realise the photos are bigger than those last time??? I think it's nicer this way...I still got my Genting trip to post...

*Off to edit photos*