Tuesday, June 3, 2008

How xiaxue.blogspot was born...

Haix, still got Chicken Pox...Counting down, 5 days to holidays. Hopefully i can make it...Nothing to do, then blog lor...Sorry, no photos for the next few post until my 'pox' disappear. Lazy + Not in the mood to photoshop/take photo.

I was browsing through Xiaxue's blog. Her blog is really super interesting,Plus her amazing photoshop skills =X

You know what made her started her blog?
She wrote this diary(Hand Written!) then when she broke up with her ex-boyfriend, she passed the diary to him. One year later, she wanted to get it back, but her ex-boyfriend's girlfriend threw it away during CNY Spring cleaning!

So this is when Xiaxue.blogspot was born!

How did i know?
I was browsing her blog then i found this ancient video interview, which was shot ages ago on Channel i.

Channel i? What's that, i heard of channel U, channel 8 but channel i??? Never mind forget it, i dun wish to explain what's channel i, maybe this sentence will clarify how long ago this video was taken:

"The video was taken when Xiaxue's hits was 2000 per day"

So it's like ages ago lah. I painstakingly patiently downloaded the clip from her blog, create a youtube a/c, patiently wait for it to slowly upload just for you all!

That's all i have for today =)