Monday, June 16, 2008

Nuffnang Event, Movie Feista - Shaolin Girl.

Alright, i am finally back to 'Proper' Blogging, i deleted the previous 'Scheduled' Genting post because i will be blogging proper about the trip.

Reader: U really going to put your 600+ Photos on your blog???
Ans: Nope, i will just do a collage for each day, so that you won't have to wait for each and every single to load, u might be bored to death waiting...

Alright, as the title suggest, I am blogging about the latest Nuffnang Event, Movie Feista - Shaolin Girl. Everyone has blogged about it, i think i am the last few 'those' that haven't blog yet...

I brought Manda for the previous event, now it's Keith's turn =) We arrived quite early at Vivo, so we walked around to check out the superhero factory at the concourse, then Dr Von Doom came to challenged ANdyStorm!


Looking at his hand! I photoshopped a plasma ball for him =) After walking we just sat at the cinema lobby, i think i recognize some of my readers like candy-queen, jie ting etc.

Just when keith and i was trying to take a perfect photo so that i can put on my blog, a girl came up to us and asked if she can take a photo. We both stood up, thinking she want to take a photo with us, but guess what?? SHE WANTED TO TAKE A PHOTO FOR US...Read her whole post here.

I think it's quite funny cos she was super paiseh...


Here's the photo, I think it's very nice =) Thanks Nikkiko. After that people start arriving, Congrat-ed Jayden on his winning a ACER laptop because of his makan Man.

At about 4pm, we got our tickets =)


Let me tell you, THIS MOVIE...

Is not nice at all =( The Ending is super lame. You should not even pay to watch it, lucky it's a sponsored ticket. If i have to rate this movie, i would rate it...
= 1 star out of 5 star =
Ask any Nuffnanger who watched it, who says it's nice?