Monday, July 7, 2008

Blogging as usual...

Hi peeps, I'm currently blogging on my new ACER desktop! Who0ts! a 19 inch LCD screen with a teeny weeny CPU (compared to my previous one) and high speed 8mbps internet! Actually i kinda hate my screen cos it's so huge that it's straining my eyes, the key board is so long that i keep typing the wrong thing =(

Decided to skip school tomorrow cos it's JAVA class! (with my mum's permission) cos me and my mum are going shopping. Wanted to cut hair @ Tony & guy but when i called to book an appointment, the earliest time slot avaliable is like next week?! So postpone to next week lor...

Thanks for many nice and not-so-nice comments on my Apple post.I see that a lot of people are expecting more from me...But with that little time...and Yes, there is major photoshopping done on those photos. Wanna know a little small teeny weeny secret about the post?...dun tell anyone else ok? The ipod nano on the second photo is FAKE! Did u realise?
Photobucket Photobucket
The apple in Picture 1 is real, the ipod in Picture 2 is fake. Posing 2 same shot with different things in hand is higher level, so i decided to photoshop it. For this post, i risk the life of my ipod earpiece by poking it into the apple! So shhh...dun tell anyone that the ipod is fake...(The ipod in the rest of the photos are real though...) Pray for me that i win the ipod touch =)

Well, guess what's IN for my next post? Here is a sneak preview:
That's all i have for today!

P.S: I am "crowned" hottest blogger of the taqinah's Princess blog awards! LOL!