Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Dawn VS Xiaxue.


Did not get to read Xiaxue's post on Dawn Yang?
What to know what she wrote that caused this "Cyber War" between 2 famous blogger?

Well, someone actually create a blog with Print-screen of the whole post Xiaxue wrote. So if you wanna read the post, you can checkout

Anyone realised that i removed Dawn Yang's Link from my blog ages ago? I link the blogs that i read so that i have quick access to it, i used to link Dawn Yang's blog, but after awhile, i feel that her website/blog or should i call it photo album is not even a proper BLOG.

Lots and lots of photos and little words. The words is just like "captions" for the photos. I admit that those end products of the photoshoots/camwhore is really nice, but it defeats the purpose of a blog where we write about our life, and things happening around us...

I did not bring this up as i feel that no one would be interested, but now Xiaxue brought it up, it's time to share my thoughts as well.

The truth is that Xiaxue does not like Dawnyang. Doesn't look like right? Read her latest