Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I copied typicalben style of blogging?!

Alright here we go...

*Breathe in deeply*


I was slacking in the lovely afternoon, recuperating from my wisdom tooth surgery, den i receive an sms - "Personal attack on your tagboard".

I was like,"Nah, i am used to it..." Must be some kind of "you suck, you are disgusting" type of tags by those childish people. All i need to do is just delete it.

Then at night, i decided to checkout my blog. and i saw this "pigu: coincidence? well, u use java script to post and with tat geeky specs? err.. doubt so..=.=" and, i don tink u look nice in the geeky specs. typicalben looks nicer. argh. =/"

Before i go on, hey Mr/ms pigu, don't u have a better nick name? You are making a fool out of yourself with that nick, see those tags? Time to change your name =)

Back to the topic, seems like a typical typicalben FAN decided to drop by my blog, and saw my command prompt post and my display pic and was shocked to see the similarity between my post and her idol post.

What i wan to tell ASS(the english translation of his/her nick) is that "If you don't like my blog, you can get lost, there are still others who are willingly to read it and if you think i am copying typicalben style of blogging, go tell him. Ask him to personally tell me to remove it" (although i won't)

I use the command prompt because i find it relevant to the topic that i am writing. Typical ben msn post was random. And about that geek glasses, hey ASS, go bloghop, and go take a stroll at orchard, it's the trend now. Pls update yourself. It's my display pic, not yours.

Why are u still coming back if you don't like my blog? So that you can come back and read those tags about your nick? Aww...time to change isn't it?

*I wonder if ASS is reading this...* Why don't you leave your bloglink so that i can share with my readers? or why don't u create a "ANdyStorm HATE site", i don't mind linking it =)

If you want to reply to my post, you can tag (Opps, i forgot i banned your IP), you can comment at the bottom of this post.

Last note. Special thanks to Ching Na,lov-ethsex,s6uidnh, Ran. And the anonymous Reader for your quote. I find it super true!

"If you're famous, you should get used to people's criticism. Cos only fame, can bring you all that criticism, nothing else."

Although i am not famous.

*Breathe out* ~ Arr...

P.S: I think i should delete this post after awhile. Why should i dedicate this post to such a loser =(

Now i see the reason why more and more people are using haloscan instead of Cbox as tagboard, because of such losers.