Friday, July 4, 2008

I Love My Apple!

Nuffnang: I Love My Apple Contest!

Friend: Hey ANdyStorm! Nuffnang is organizing this "I Love My Apple" contest! All you need to do is blog about your favourite apple and you got a chance to win a Ipod Touch!!!

Really?! I must join!!!


Why i love my apple? Like the proverb says, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away" Compared to other fruits and vegetables, apples contain relatively low amounts of Vitamin C as well as a several of other antioxidant compounds..

The fiber content, while less than in most other fruits, helps regulate bowel movements and may thus reduce the risk of colon cancer.

They may also help with heart disease, weight loss and controlling cholesterol as they do not have any cholesterol, have fiber, which reduces cholesterol by preventing reabsorption, and are bulky for their caloric content like most fruits and vegetables blah blah blah...

Friend: Oi, Wrong apple lah!!! Supposed to blog about your favourite Apple product...Like Ipod, Macbook etc...

: Har?! Ai yo...Restart!


Before i go on saying why i love my Ipod Nano. Just wanna ask you all a few questions. Don't you just hate it when at the last minute, your friend sms u "Sorry, i will be late =( " ? Which leaves you nothing to do but wait, wait and WAIT ?


AND do you feel bored when u are in a SUPER long queue waiting for the bus/ MRT / Taxi to come?


Well, my answer for both questions is YES! Well, here comes the saviour! My most realiable MP3 player till date...

*DrumRoll Pls*


My Reliable Ipod Nano First Gen! *Applause* And why do i love it? Here are some GOOD reasons:


The thing that attract me into buying this Apple product is not the Amazing sound quality, not the 6.9mm super ultra thin frame, but... It's the amazing touch scroll wheel!!!

Can you find me another MP3 player that has a touch scroll wheel? Dun mention Creative players cos their's is scroll up and down, not round and round like this:


Cool isn't it? All ipod user will say the same thing =) Last but not least, I would say that My Ipod Nano is NOT only a music player BUT a fashion accesory too!

I even use the Reflective back for a mirror to check my hairstyle!


After saying so much, Don't all Ipod user love their ipods more? Don't those non-ipod user tempted to buy their very first ipod?

Well, i think it's time to upgrade my ipod nano for something cooler (like the ipod touch?) Well, checkout the online store,
ishop for the latest Apple Products.

Lastly, i just got something to say...