Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What's happening to today's blogosphere?

The blogosphere used to be a "peaceful" place. Ping.sg and INNIT used to just a forum to share our articles/blog post so that we can get more exposure.

But now, today's blogosphere is not what it used to be. What's with all the Cyber War?

In Ping.sg,we have the "Daphne VS DK".

In Innit, we have bloggers flaming each other, hate post of another blogger, bloggers trying to get their 1 minute of fame by flaming other more-famous bloggers.I have seen a lot of version of xiaxue's famous "top7 most disgusting bloggers", but so far, no one seem to succeed.

Even in random bloghop, we can still see bloggers posting about how much they hate another blogger, dedicating the whole post to the blogger! What's with all this hatred going on...

I even got involved in one of them! Saintiara(don't bother searching, she deleted her blog) blogging a whole long post about me of using a misleading title to attract traffic. Some people just don't understand the post...In the past, if we used a title like this
post, all we could have get a perhaps, a "nice one..." comment.

Not forgetting the MOST famous cyber war recently, which is the Xiaxue VS Dawn yang conflict.

Well, i am not blaming anyone because perhaps one of the main reason is that bloggers are trying to get famous through blogging. There are a lot of people out there like this, i don't deny i am one of them, but you know what famous really means? Well,you should read this

Hopefully things will get better in the future, and not worsen.