Monday, July 21, 2008

Xiaxue hit headlines again!

As usual, every Sunday i will read the Sunday Times and update myself with the latest news. This article really caught my attention. Well, i guess it would catch any blogger's attention. Smack right in the cover page. We have Xiaxue VS Dawn yang.

Guess this is the not the first time Xiaxue hit the headline! This 'cyber war' between Xiaxue and Dawn Yang got to the local headlines! Read the Article HERE.
The Sunday Times calls it the 'Virtual Catfight', Dawn yang wants xiaxue to apologize for defaming her, others see the spat as 'entertainment'. I thought this 'issue' was over after xiaxue removed the article and apologize?
Other bloggers mentioned in the article are Ice angel, Mr Miyagi and the online citizen, Well, the main point of the article is... "remind other bloggers to be careful about any personal accusations they wish to make" and "more bloggers will be more focused on issues and less on people and personality"

Did you manage to read the article?