Thursday, August 7, 2008

I just feel like typing.

Yup, just as the title says it.

I just feel like typing. Finally done my OMNIA post, it has been like dragging and dragging till the 2nd last day of submission. Thank you people for all the nice nice comment, regardless it's a haloscan comment or tag or verbally or in msn, it really makes me feel the effort is worth it.

Well, that's the main objective of being a blogger right? Well, if you have no idea what i am talking about, it's either your first time here or you haven't been reading my blog for a long time. Head over to this link HERE and read my OMNIA post!!!

Oh ya! And for those who is expecting the flyer post instead of this OMNIA post, thousands apologies. Next up would definitely be the flyer post =)

I have been blogshopping a lot and i realise i just spent 60 bucks on blogshopping =X 2 superman tee, one tee from Taiwan spree and a pair of contacts! Just collected my superman tee today only to realise the size is too small!!! Gave one to my mum, and the other to my sis.Just Ordered another 2 more...

Talking about blogshop. I've been thinking. I would want to open my own blogshop and try to be "entrepreneur" for the day. I will not divulge much details about it, and i have to finish up all those projects/blog post in hand before thinking about it.

So just wish me luck. To all my blogger friends/readers, you wouldn't mind doing an advertorial post for free if i opened my blogshop right? Haha.