Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Nuffnang Wall.E Movie Event!

Feel like i haven't been updating for a long long time, so here is the post everyone has been waiting for!

The Nuffnang Wall.eMovie Event held at Orchard Lido last saturday. All thanks to Nuffnang (and generous Ming), i got myself 2 tickets for the show.So i decided to bring Keith along =)
Look how happy keith is to catch Wall.e! He should be happy cos we get to watch the show before anyone else!!! (Wall.e opens tomorrow!) We supposed to meet at 11, but both of us were late, so we met at about 11.30am.

Collection of tickets was at 11.45am, so at 12,we headed to the topmost floor of the shaw building, and the first people we saw was Ming and huiwen from Nuffnang, who forced me to sign the form for collection of my ipod Nano!

Before i go on, i must rant on how nice the movie is!
The story is about the last robot (Wall.e) on earth , who spends everyday doing what he was made for. The whole movie has very little conversation but the little actions of Wall.e is enough to make the ticket worth it.(although it's free)

There is also Eve, who also plays a big part in the movie. As this whole movie, or 3/4 of the movie is about wall.e chasing Eve across the universe.

Although Wall.e and Eve are the main characters of the movie, there are also other minor roles like the cockroach, and also...
The cute little robot beside Wall.e!!! From what i researched, this robot is called M-O. It's a robot which cleanse other robot, making sure they are clean to travel in the spaceship. This small robot is one robot to look out for in the movie.

With the cute storyline, cute characters, i would rate this movie...
5 out of 5 Popcorns! A must-watch for any age.

There were FREE popcorn and Evian mineral water for everyone at the event!!! It was totally unexpected!
That's SimplyShawn and Me happily with our food! He left early (even before the show starts!) Wasted!

After the show end, while walking to the exit, i saw ClaireChing. She suggested taking photo, so the next thing we did...
That's me with my strips-shirt with suspenders and her with her Kimono! She is Super friendly! We used to fight for the 2nd place in SGfriends =X But now, we are good blogger friends =)

Saw familiar faces at the event such as Jessica etc. But guess who was the most excited to see me?
It was Wall.e himself! Look at him jumping for joy! Well, he did put up a good job for the movie =)

To end the event, the Nuffnangers took a group shot.
Don't bother to look for me in the photo,
I was blocked by some guy!