Monday, August 18, 2008

Shopping alone.

Just as the title suggest. Shopping alone. I think today is the first time i shopped alone. Normally if i am alone, i won't even think of shopping. I would just try and get some friends to go out, if there is no one to accompany me, i would just stay at home.

I went to school early in the morning to finish my project. My mum says she will meet me in the afternoon @ Bugis to go shopping. So i took the train from woodlands to Bugis.

A 40 mins ride.

After i reached Bugis, my mum sent me an sms say she is lazy to come all the way to Bugis =( I decided to shopped around on my own.

If i were a celebrity, and paparazzi following me, taking photos of me shopping. I confirm all the shots would be Emo shots.

I think after writing so much, i should put a photo...

*Search my photos folders for a Emo Pic*

*Edit to Black & White for extra Emo-ness*

*Upload to Photobucket*

*Copy HTML codes*

I think this photo is not Emo enough. Never mind. Btw, while shopping, I just spent the last 50 Bucks i have on me. 1 Shirt and 1 Shorts, both 25 bucks each.

I think i will wear the shirt on this Saturday's Nuffnang event =)