Monday, August 18, 2008

A typical Wall.e Review.

~ Opps, the title is wrong! Instead of those "typical" Movie reviews, My review shall be my Rants how GOOD this movie is! Well, some people say this movie sucks, some say it's stupid... Well, but for me, it's good! Why? Read on!
The story is about the last robot (Wall.e) on earth , who spends everyday doing what he was made for. The whole movie has very little conversation but the little actions of Wall.e is enough to make the ticket worth it.(although it's free)

There is also Eve, who also plays a big part in the movie. As this whole movie, or 3/4 of the movie is about wall.e chasing Eve across the universe.

Although Wall.e and Eve are the main characters of the movie, there are also other minor roles like the cockroach, and also...
The cute little robot beside Wall.e!!! From what i researched, this robot is called M-O. It's a robot which cleanse other robot, making sure they are clean to travel in the spaceship. This small robot is one robot to look out for in the movie.

With the cute storyline, cute characters, i would rate this movie...
5 out of 5 Popcorns! A must-watch for any age.

Have you watched Wall.e?