Monday, July 28, 2008

What type of posts are the most popular in

Just my little 2 cents about

There are a lot of people visiting for the latest blog post BUT not all of them are members. That explains why you can have 100 people reading your post, but 60 over people reading your post, but only like 10 pongs?'

Because of all the members, only 10 read your post, the other 90 are just visitors. The more members read your post, the higher the chance to get into the top 10 most popular post in the last 24 hours.

From what i see... What type of posts are the most popular in

1) SEX post. Well, sex sells. Like "Sex In The Blogosphere: Wanna Know Who Kenny Sia Slept With? " When you have the word "SEX" + a famous blogger name, your post might be able to hit the top 10...(389 views,74 pongs)

2)Latest news."Dawn Yang in today's newpaper!" News post always pop out in And they are quite popular. Of cos, blogosphere news are even more popular. (208 views, 45 pongs)

3) A post with a good/catchy title."Never ever date a Blogger" You will go like "why?!" and u go on to read the post...(200 views, 58 pongs)

Well,that's all i can think of. Oh if this post manage into get into top 10 popular post, it shows that 4) related post "What type of posts are the most popular in" is quite popular too =)