Sunday, August 31, 2008

Why twitter when you got plurk?

Did you all notice that i got this small little box below my blog profile pic?

Well, I got to introduce this to you all!!! It's a blog widget called Plurk! It's just so addictive! You just basically write what you loves/like/share/gives/hate/ blah blah blah to your plurker friends, and you might get response from fellow plurkers!

It's something like twitter! and that's not all! You earn karma on your plurking journey! And more karma means you get to unlock emoticons!!!

Doesn't it sounds fun??? Actually if i am a reader of my blog, and i just read what andystorm has just wrote, i think plurk doesn't sound that fun... BUT NEVERMIND, it's really fun! You just got to try it out yourself!

When you sign up, remember to add me as my friend/fan =)