Monday, September 15, 2008

I'm alright...


Yup, the whole post is gone. I never even save a copy. I just deleted the whole thing. If you did not manage to read the post, too bad.

I've got to say, Wow! That's really a lot of tags! I have to scroll down and go to older messages to read all your tags. Be it, you are my friend/reader/passerby/anonymous, i would like to say Thank you,from the bottom of my heart.

I realised that there are also others out there who feels the same as me. Well, what can we do?
We can hope for a better tomorrow.

Check this out! I have even gotten myself a little star tattoo done on my wrist to remind myself to stay happy everyday! The meaning is... Tomorrow will be a better/Brighter day =)

What u all readers can look forward now, is lots and lots of blog posts! I have so many delayed post! Once again, Thanks for being there when i need u all most.

P/s: I was joking about the star. I drew it on with a marker.
(Although i really thought of getting a REAL one.)