Sunday, September 21, 2008

Nuffnang Babylon A.D movie event!

I seriously should blog about the Nuffnang Babylon A.D movie event. It has been like 2 weeks? I realised almost all my post are delayed! BAM! I still have like 4 "planned" post + Advertorials to do!

The event was actually held on the...(wait, i check the tickets) 9th of september, on a school day. So i actually meetup Rinn, shawn and Ryan after school, so that we can go orchard together =)

We reached Orchard quite early, so we decided to have dinner @ Taka. Eat, chat, Shawn and Me was checking out our new phones (some of you might know which model), until bout ____ pm den we headed to Shaw Lido.
A snapshot of the tickets and My 2nd I Love Nuffnang badge! All thanks to Nuffnang, i always get to catch the latest movies before anyone else!!! The tickets are all premiere tickets, like 1 or 2 weeks before the movie is actually screened islandwide!?
A group photo before we entered the Cinema =) Said hello to all the Nuffies at the Counter where Ming introduced to me and shawn the latest Nuffie , Raine =)
Actually the movie is not that bad like said in those reviews that i read online. The storyline is quite ok, it's action-packed. But the ending is... I also dunno how to say, but you might have a lot of questions after watching the show.

If i were to rate the movie...I would rate it...
3 out of 5 Popcorns.
To end the event, we took a Nuffnanger Group photo! Are u in the photo? This photo is clickable, so you can right click open and save it to keep =)
Lastly a typical shot with Ming and my Best Blogger Buddy, SimplyShawn! I'm looking forward to the next Nuffnang event =)