Sunday, September 7, 2008

Trip to Nuffnang Office!

As some of you might have know from this POST,I have won an Ipod Nano thru the Nuffnang Apple contest! So finally after so long, i went to collect it at the Nuffnang Office with SimplyShawn.

Nuffnang is located at 33 Kinta Road. Somewhere near the Farrer Park station. As we have no idea where Nuffnang is located, we have to depend on the Map.
Well, the office does not really look like what we expected but Boss Ming explained that that's the temporary office and they will be moving to the new building opposite =)

When we Reached, We were told the prize is in Ming's Car, and he was not driving his car today! He was driving his Gf's card!


He drove us to his house where the prize is. When we reached, we were like "OMg!" Why that reaction? It's because... Opps! He says "No blogging about my house ar..." Okay...Haha, only me and Shawn shall know why =)

After which, he drove us to Holland Village for Lunch.

That's the photo we took outside the restaurant. He treated us to lunch. The bowl of noodles cost like average 10 Bucks each?! From now on, i shall call him "Generous Ming", LOL =)

That's Happy us with our prizes =) Shawn won the Ipod touch!!! and i got myself a Silver Ipod Nano =)

And to end this post...