Saturday, September 27, 2008

We have a winner!

I announce... I WON AN SAMSUNG OMNIA PHONE!!! I am one of the 3 winners who won the Samsung Omnia Blog Contest, and another winner is my Best Blogger Buddy, Simply-Shawn!
Some of you or should i say MOST of you already know that i won the phone, cos i have been dropping little hints here and there... On my MSN nick, my plurk etc...

So this post is mainly my trip to collect the Samsung Omnia that cost a whooping 1043 Bucks! My most expensive prize won through blogging so far =)
Decided to take photos while waiting for the person to attend to us...That's me & my BBB(Best.Blogger.Buddy/Bestie or whatever) on the 10th floor of the International Building waiting!!!
We have to sign this form to sell ourself to Samsung, opps! I mean to verify that "I am ANdyStorm" and "He is Simply-shawn", and to accept the prize. Something like that...

The person was like joking to us...

"This phone is worth a thousand dollars, if you don't want, can give me *Smile brightly*"

I was like giving him the "FAT HOPE" look =) Nah, i am not that mean =X
At last, the moment have arrived! Time to checkout our new phones! We broke the seal and check the "insides" of the box, revealing the sleek Omnia phone.
Of course i must be grateful to Samsung for choosing me/my post as one of the winners, so the above photos is dedicated to Samsung!

If you haven't read my OMNIA post before, you should really check it out HERE, i spent a lot of effort coming up with the post!

Lastly, presenting you the OMNIA bloggers.

Pls stop asking me why Shawn is always appearing on my blog!!! I got readers PM-ing asking, people saying. All i can say that he is my BEST Blogger Buddy! The best buddy a blogger can have =)

Hey Shawn, feeling touched? LOL!