Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Xiaxue impersonate DawnYang! LOL!

Yes... I know i haven't been updating a lot, school's reopening in 2 days time, from Thursday onwards, i will be facing the laptop 8 hours a day, you get what i mean?...and

Yes, i saw the tags on my tagboard.

I got nothing to say to them,I got no idea why they are coming back even though they dun like me/my blog... and perhaps they are the reason why more and more people are using haloscan as their tagboard instead of Cbox.

Just wanna share this 2 videos with you all. Saw it from ClaireChing's blog and i tot of sharing it with you all. It's freakin' funny! I watched Dawnyang's once, and Xiaxue's one over and over again! It's freakin' hilarious!

Dawn yang Original version.

So now are you all ready for Xiaxue's version?

The way Xiaxue act chio is freakin' funny lah! See her flaunt her hair! and look at her eyes!!! LOL!!!

I got a lot of things to update! I went for an Ice cream Buffet today! Can't wait to post it!