Friday, October 24, 2008

ANdyStorm's High School Musical Vlog!

After cracking my our brains for the past few days, thinking of what to do for the High School Musical Vlog. Watching the dancing part in the Movie like 80 times?! (I swear i'm not exaggerating!) so here, I present...

ANdyStorm's HSM vlog Entry!

*claps claps* ANdyStorm takes a bow.

So how was it? I think it's super funny! I can repeat the video again and again, and not feeling bored of it. Haha! I can't seem to remember the dance step. The most funny part of the video would be at the 33rd second, where I forgot to tap my leg, and decided to do it after Ryan and Rinn did it!

Then Rinn and I had to lip-sync to the "Troy and Gabriella' singing part. Ending of with Jump Shots, and Ryan doing a solo dance!

Special thanks to BBB(Shawn), Rinn and Ryan for their help.