Friday, October 17, 2008

Life is fragile.

Suddenly felt like blogging after hearing what Rinn say...

She told me a real life story, a mum joined a contest to try the grand prize which is a Nintendo Wii for her children. The contest is like the "Subaru challenge", the winner would be the last person standing who managed to not go to the toilet for the longest amount of time, despite consuming large quantities of water.

I got no idea whether she won the Wii in the end, but she died few days later because of water intoxication.

After hearing the story, i was feeling kinda sad. It's not worth it. I think the children would rather not have the Wii and have their mother back. I suddenly feel so blessed with a family, a roof and almost everything i want.

My parents try to give me everything i want, even if they have no spare cash, they would still try to provide me with whatever i want. The worse thing is, Sometimes i get angry because they give me thousand and one reasons why they are not getting it for me. I did not think of whether i really need it. It was more on "WANT" rather than "NEED".

I think we should appreciate what we have now. If i were to choose between Riches and Family. I would choose, Family.

P.S: I just felt like writing, so i might just delete this post soon. There will be another exciting post tonight! I promise!