Sunday, October 26, 2008

Million and one things.

I have like so many things to do?!
And all of them are due on 31st of october.

I rushed out the most difficult task which is the High school musical vlog, submitted it 10 mins after the deadline. 5mins after submission, Raine from Nuffnang called me to ask me if i posted the video up. I said yes, and guess what she say?

The contest has been extended to 21st November! Well, nevermind. At least one task is down.

I still got a few advertorial to do! (which i am going to do it right after i publish this post) and one of their spree is like closing soon?! OMg, OMg, i feel so bad.

I haven't been blogging PROPERLY. Just look at the last few post. All is just "Chunk" everything out. Like NOT INTERESTING AT ALL! Even i, myself read also bored.

~ ANdyStorm! ANdyStorm! Wake up your idea!

I still got my Birthday post! I haven't even got time to look through all the photos!

I must really make my Birthday post a super nice one to thank all those who made my 19th Birthday a memorable one! I promise.

Oh, and I've got to do a super interesting post about myself. I'm not telling you all the reason, but Nuffnang-ers will find out soon enough. I am still thinking how to go about doing it!

I've got so much so share with you all! Like sharing you all my first clubbing entry, and how i was denied entry just because i don't look like my EZ-link photo?!

Tomorrow is the starting of my 1 week holiday. And stupid me just submitted my work schedule FULL SHIFT from MON to THURS. Left with friday (PP presentation in school), Sat (No plans yet), Sunday(Big walk with Shawn, Ryan and Rinn).

And there goes my holiday! Wait, is it even a holiday?

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