Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My attempt at photoshopping Xiaxue!

Update: "Thanks for the encouraging and the not-so-nice comments! I realized "the neck problem" a long time ago, it's just that i didn't save the photoshop format of the photo, and i am lazy to edit it =X"

Before i forget. I can only say this once a year!

So here i go...
Selemat Hari Raya
to all my Muslim readers/ passerbys/ friends/ enemies/ haters
to myself/ all my readers/ passerbys/ friends!!!

Oh ya, did u read about Xiaxue's post where she post her fugly photos of her past self, i am really amazed by her photoshop skills lah! I dun think i can ever photoshop like her lor.

And this is my very FIRST attempt in fully photoshop someone's face. Normally what i photoshop is the hair, the contrast, the size +++ but a full face?! It's really a challenge to me.

So are you all ready?

This is the "before" photo which i got it from her blog. Mushroom head, dark skin blah blah blah. So after my photoshop-ing...
(which i think isn't that nice... =X)

Ta dah!

Change the Mushroom hair to "whatever-you-call-this" hairstyle, plus thick eyelashes, purple contacts, bleach the skin, liquify the face, Auto contrast blah blah blah.

So what do you think about the before and after?