Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Time passes so quickly!

Alright, i got a million and one things to do and most of them are due by 31st october! Not forgetting the High school Musical Vlog which is due on the 24th! I skipped class yesterday and stayed at the library the whole day hoping to finish most or at least some of my advertorials and blog posts and school work but i did not manage to finish even one of them! ARGH!

I even though of on-ing my laptop on the bus to finish up some posts! Time is passing so quickly!

Hey babes and Guys!
Love blings blings? Always 'zheng' your gadget like Xiaxue? Got the 'chio-est' mp3 among everyone? With a chio MP3, you will need the chio-est earpiece in town.

Diamond heart earpiece!
So pretty right??? Too bad i'm a guy and i can't be seen wearing these heart-shaped ear piece. Well, but i could get them for my female friends =)

It cost only 25bucks each. So if are interested in getting 1 or maybe 2, 3 or 4, visit especiallyhers.blogspot for more info!