Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Everyone's trying to be the Next top blogger!

Blogging is no longer personal. I started out blogging 1 year plus ago, just a normal personal blog with like maybe 20 readers a day, mainly friends . But after inspired by top bloggers, i decided to embark on this journey to become the next-top-blogger.

Today, i have achieved quite a lot. I am not claiming that i am a top blogger or I am famous. But i simply can't stand those bloggers trying too hard to become the next top blogger. As if they are addressing to 25,000 people a day, when they only have like less than 100 readers/visitors.

Getting top in some blog ranking contest isn't everything, it doesn't mean you are already a top blogger. Unless STRANGERS willingly vote for you, because they truly feel that your blog is good. Votes isn't everything. It's just like a popularity contest. The more votes you get, the higher your ranking.

Same for links, Yes, Wow! you have hundreds or thousands of people linking your blog. Your technorati authority is 3 or 4 digits. If people link you willingly/without you asking, it's something good. But if you go around "Hi, nice blog, can we xchange link?", that's another thing.

"OMg, i got ads from Nuffnang!" Yes, congrats. Before you exclaim to the whole world that you receive an ad, go around and you see other blogs, if 9 out of 10 blogs have the same ad, and you are earning like 2 buck, then maybe you should keep it to yourself. Until you receive an advertorial that pays you at least 50 bucks, then maybe you can exclaim.

"I got invites to XXX event! So honored!" Erm, if you feel honored, should the 99 other bloggers who got invited too feel the same too? (actually maybe you should, cos there are 2998343 bloggers who are not attending the event)

Yes, i know. The thought of earning from advertorials, exclusive invites to events, sponsors, fame, getting recognized. I've been through all these. It sounds attractive. But it's not easy.

What's really important is the true meaning of blogging, writing because you want to record down something in your life. Sharing it with the people who are reading it. If people like what you are writing, they will eventually stay and continue reading. That's when these people are officially called "readers", not visitors.

Alright, i think i should stop here.

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