Thursday, November 13, 2008

My latest Gadget!

I wanted to blog a food review today, but i'm lazy to edit the photos =X I just trying out new restaurants! (esp when it's cheap and nice!)

Meanwhile, let me share with you my latest Gadget!

P.s: It's an Ipod nano 3rd Gen.

Yes...I know the 4th Gen is out, the nano-chromatic... Just to share with you all, i have 1...2...3...4 Ipods! You did not hear wrongly, i've got 4 ipods! In the past, i always wanted to own an ipod (it was like the coolest mp3 around!) but now...

Out of the 5, i only paid for 1, which is the an ipod nano 2nd Gen. One ipod shuffle is through blogging (my first contest prize!), another shuffle from some lucky draw(unexpected.), and the current one which i got it through blogging too!

I got this Nano 3rd Gen quite long ago, when i collected it from Nuffnang, but i left it one side, because i felt much safer carry a ipod shuffle (i am quite rough with my things), UNTIL yesterday when i found my BRAND NEW 3rd Gen covered with dust :)

I bought a silicon protector for it (10 bucks!) Heard from my dad i could get one for $3 at the pasar malam opposite my house -.-

And today, i connected it to my laptop, loaded some things into it and...

I never left it.

Except for dinner time and now...blogging :) I am quite amazed by it's interface. Maybe one day, when i got really nothing to blog, i might do a review of it, just for fun! I put in Songs! Movies! Photos! *type in excitement*

Aright, enough enough... I shall go do my food review post.

(Back to exploring my nano. Opps.)