Monday, November 10, 2008

Too cute to resist?

When I received this sponsor from, i agreed to it readily. Simply because...

WHO WOULD RESIST THIS CUTE MICKEY MP3?! is having their 4th preorder for their Mickey Mouse Mp3 player! Their previous preorders all exceeded their capping! So if everyone is getting this cute Mp3 for themselves, shouldn't you be getting one too?

There are a whole range of colours to choose from! Shoppeinn offers 14 different colours! From the basic White, Pink, Silver, Black, Blue to Special colours such as gold, orange, purple, yellow, blah blah blah.

Other blogshops are selling these 2GB mp3 for 40Bucks and more, but shoppeinn is only selling it from $32.50 to $35
(depending on colours)

Each mp3 purchased comes with a USB cable, a Stereo earpiece and a FREE neckstrap! For Specs of the mp3, Click HERE.

Everytime i get advertorials, i will ask for any special gifts/ discount/ rates exclusive for ANdyStorm's readers! So this time, if YOU purchase any "Special" colour mp3 ($35), you are entitled to 1 FREE silicon case to protect your MP3!

To identify yourself as a ANdyStorm's reader, simply fill in "andymp3" at the promotional code fill in the order form.

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P.s: If you have any question regarding the mp3, you can comment below. I will reply within 12 hours!