Friday, December 12, 2008

Holidays are here!

Yay! Holidays are here!!!

Kinda lost the blogging mood, edited photos long long time ago, upload to photobucket, but everytime when i open the blogger page, the blogging mood seemed lost...

I still got 2 post to do, one of them is an event post! The event has passed like 324325 days and i haven't blog about it!

Bad news! Holidays means i won't be facing my laptop, 12 hours a day, 6 days a week. Which makes it more difficult to blog. Well, i shall allocate some time to blog!

Talking about allocating time, Sabrina PM-ed me to ask me if i would like to featured in her mag, Gadget3, so she sent me a short email interview.

Here are the questions,

1. What's your #1 New Year's Resolution?

My Ans: To be more organized! Everything is just happening too fast! What?! it's year 2009 already?My resolution is to be able to organize everything nicely. My room, my schedule & my thoughts.

2. How do you plan to keep that?

My Ans: Hire a secretary to plan everything for me :) Opps, i don't have the money! Guess i will just have to buy an cheap organizer, and stick to it religiously.

~ I'll be back