Saturday, December 6, 2008

I will be back!

I realised i haven't update my blog for quite a long time!

I am super duper ultra tired now. Yesterday, went to Zouk for the Flesh imp fashion show, will update more when i upload the photos into my laptop. Saw Jayden there, the most unexpected thing that happened was...

While i was getting out of Zouk, i heard someone calling my name "Andy! Andy!" I was looking around to see who was calling me. Then there was this Malay girl waving. Guess what she say? "I read your blog, i'm from RP too!" I was like Wow. So brave of her to say hi, and say she read my blog. I think i wouldn't dare to do that lah.

To the girl: Hey, if you are reading this, do drop me a tag :)

I was super happy that people approached to say hi, and say they read my blog, so cool rgt? That time in school also. One of my classmate's(STARfan) friend, came and say hi, and say he is a reader of my blog.

*Back to yesterday*

After Zouk, hanged out with Ryan at orchard till bout 3am, then i was lazy to take NR7 alone all the way back to Pasir ris so we took NR2 to woodlands, slept over at his house.

Morning ordered Mcdelivery. Went home in the afternoon, and slept all the way to 5, went for dance training. And here i am blogging.

I will be back :)
*Off to sleep*