Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas is coming!

I'm urgently looking for a superman tee! This Saturday is Nuffnang X'mas party at DXO, and my alphabet is S, i seriously got no idea what to dress up as... So worse come to worse, i will just wear a superman tee down. But still I need a Superman tee!

I know a lot of blogshops are selling cartoon tees! So any blogshop out there have instocks of Black/White/Blue Superman tee? I need it by friday. Meet up in the east of Singapore. Kindly email me @ *Pray Pray*

Christmas is coming!!! Haven't really plan what i'm going to do this Christmas. Maybe i should start planning my wish list! You all should start planning your Wishlist too! Although what you wish for might not come true, just plan for fun. Wish for things that you really want :)

I already thought of my first item:

A new camera! I think i will get this Finepix Z20! The colours are super cool! I'm starting to save up for it le! If everything goes well, i should be able to get it by end of this year!!!

Oh ya, i removed my tagboard :)

P.s: Anyone got an extra invite for this Sat Nuffnang X'mas party? Got the invite but is going alone/ no one to accompany? I need one more invite! Pls email me thanks!!!