Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Boring Rants...

Before i start today's post, i just wanna ask...
"HOW COME SO MANY PEOPLE KNOW OF THIS PLACE CALLED "XIAO GUI LIN"?! I lived in Singapore for more than 18 years and i never heard of the place...
But anyway, that place is so chee-na...In Chinese it's "Shan Shan Shui Shui" ( loosely translated to "Mountain Mountain Water Water" all get what i meant right? Clever ppl. LOL =)
Today class was Superb! Superb Boring.
So Keith & I decided to Webcam!!! We were like so bored in our class, den we decided to take photo, it was like so dumb lah. My classmate ask me why am i smiling to the screen/ waving to the screen, Siao ar? -____-

Today is Ben & Jerry's 30th Birthday, and they are giving out free cone!!! I decided to drop by Whitesands to checkout the crowd (and try my luck in getting a cone) and of course, take photos so that i can blog about this phenomenon...

Well, i got no cones but i got photos! I will blog bout it tomorrow =) There is no school tomorrow, Thursday is labour day so no school also =) Who0ts, but it also means i will not be in front of my laptop...*I think i will cut Bangs tomorrow =X *


No $$ to buy Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream?
Today's Ben & Jerry’s will celebrate their 30th birthday with their annual Free Cone Day. It will start from 12mn to 7pm.
The five flavours avaliable:
ChocolateChip Cookie Dough, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, NY Super Fudge Chunk, Strawberry Cheesecake & Chunky Monkey. NY Super Fudge Chunk
"One is not enough? Queue for a second one!"
Participating outlets:
The Cathay.Great World City.Raffles City.United Square.White Sands.VivoCity,Jurong Bird Park and Singapore Zoo.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


EVEN INNIT isn't interested in my post =(
I wanted to Innit this post,
title: Boring Rants
Description: Who's interested...
BUT INNIT refused to come up with the 'security' Word...
How am i supposed to INNIT my post like this =(
Even INNIT is not interested in my post...
(No editting was done to the print-screen)

I'm Back!

Announcement: I'm Back!!!!
Reader: WHY HAVEN'T YOU BEEN UPDATING FOR THESE 2 DAYS? I've been waiting -____-
Sorry, Sorry. As u see... I was in china these few days to attend my Grand father's birthday feast, i even got photos to prove it!
That's the Bus Plane i took, it's the A380. SO HUGE!
Reader: Ohh...But...But...That photo looks kinda of familiar...It's...It's...IT'S THE SHOT YOU TOOK ON THE TERMINAL 3 AIRPORT POST!
Shit. Sorry, did not take the photo of the plane =( So i just took a photo from my photo album...but i really went there! See...
Checkout the cool backdrop! No doubt it's china,
Mountains and lakes.
Reader: Okay...I am starting to believe you...Anymore photos?
Just one more for you. Camwhore =) Nice view right? You can never find this kind of view in Singapore lor...
Yesterday was my Grandfather's Birthday. Every year, everyone would gather at one restaurant to feast on good food...The best thing is...
One abalone each! Doesn't it look delicious? I could put the whole thing in my mouth, chew for 10 mins, and swallow it... *Drool*
Yes. literally put the whole thing in my mouth. It's smaller than the spoon... -_______-
Ok, that's all for today. Can you all do something for me?
Hold the Ctrl button & Press 'A' on your keyboard.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

JAVA blues...

Yes, today is Monday.Oh, it's Friday. I thought Monday Blues...
Friday = JAVA lesson + Irritating Facilitator.
I just can't stand him. I dunno why?
I'm so glad there is no JAVA next semester.
Never mind.
Epic movie
Have you watch this movie before? Yes, i know it's quite some time, yes, i am lagging behind. My classmate sent me this movie, and it's so freakin' funny!!! Watched it during lesson time =X A combination of Movie, and a bit of *ahem* dirty stuff. Hee hee
Superhero movie
Anyone wanna watch this movie with me??? I just watched the trailer and it's super funny, i think it's gonna be a nice show.The storyline is like Spiderman. It features a fake Storm too!
Nurul told me this joke today, SUPER funny.
#1: Char Siew Bao and Plain Bao decided to watch this SUPER touching movie together. Then Char Siew Bao cry. *Plain Bao did not cry* Why?
Ans: Char Siew Bao got 'Fill-ing' (Feeling)

#2: Char Siew Bao and Red Bean Bao decided to catch another sad movie. Again, Char Siew Bao cried, *Red Bean Bao did not* why?
Ans: Different 'Fill-ing'

Alright, to check your answer, follow these instructions:
#1: Hold your 'Ctrl' Button. (DUN let go!)
#2: Now press the 'A' Button. (Did u let go of the ctrl button -__-)

Friday, April 25, 2008

Every blogger need these tools...

The essential tools of being a blogger.

#1: A good Camera Phone. With at least 2 megapixels(better if it has auto-focus). I would recommend Sony Erisson. There is only a miserable no.of phones which has:

1. Good camera quality.
2. Walkman capabilities.
3. User friendly.

But being a blogger, a GOOD camera phone is essential, unless u dun mind lugging your camera where ever u go... A camera phone allows you to take photo in an instant, and of course to camwhore =)

#2:Adobe Photoshop CS3! or any other photo-editting tools except for PAINT. That is for kindergarten/primary school kids...CS3 comes with the quick editting tool which is SUPER USEFUL! Trust me. Edit your photos to make your post more interesting for your readers.

#3: A thinking Mind. Think of catchy titles to attract people in sites like INNIT or How to make your post interesting for others so that people will come back.This lead to point #4.

#4: Traffic inducing tools. I use only 2 of them - INNIT and Ping. These 2 tools are powerful enough. I think that if you use tools like blogeXplosion, the readers u get aren't genuine, they just want traffic.

#5: Tagboard/haloscan. This might be the only way u and your readers communicate. However, some people abuse the tagboard by spamming others. Those people ought to be shot in the head, nothing better to do.

#6: Lastly, Readers. Need i say more?

There is always a First time.

Yesterday was the first time i dial-ed 999.
- apart from those prank calls i made when i was younger =X

Yesterday was Rosell's Birthday Chalet, everyone had to catch the last bus, mine was at 11.45pm, i reached my house bus-stop @ about 12mn, just when i step out of the bus, a malay/indian man was lying on the ground.

So i jumped into 2 conclusions:
#1: He is Drunk.
#2: He is homeless.

I was thinking, "At least sleep on the seat lah, why sleep on the floor, and your bag might be stolen!!!" Should i call the police?

I decided to pretend i didn't see the man, but my eyes was still stuck on the guy while i cross the overhead bridge...Then, a Chinese guy decided to kick him to see if he responds. NO RESPOND. Either really drunk or SUPER deep in sleep.

This is when i decided to take out my phone and Dial 999. I spoke calmly to Mr.Policeman. Gave him the details, den he asked for my contact no.

I was like " Die, i just changed my no. So i tried to remember my HP no. I was like "9**...**...*7" I scrolled to my phone book, to checkout my own no. ~Heng...

Gave the correct no, or else they thought is prank call...

Reached home, i told my mum about the whole incident. All she could say was " Next time don't do this, later they ask u to go police station to leave your statement, blah blah blah..."
I gave her the -__- face.

*I wonder how is the guy now...*
P.S: That photo above isn't easy to photoshop, that Shadow took me more time i need to write out the whole story...

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


This definitely Gang, Maybe Bang is attracting so much attention in Nuffnang!
Just look at this PrintScreen below.
Out of these 10 top post in Nuffnang, 9 of it is titled "Definitely Gang, Maybe Bang" They all got the same title, but they are attracting more attention than those "catchy" title u are thinking to attract nuffnang-ers..

In case u dunno what this "definitely Gang, Maybe Bang" is about, it's a "unofficial" nuffnang blogger gathering in malaysia. Some are common names in INNIT, like pamsong etc.

Update: IT'S 10 out of 10 now.
Should we have this in SG too?!

If this post made it to the top #10 list, i guess that's how catchy the title - "definitely Gang, Maybe Bang " is =)


I always wanted an Ipod Nano, but the price of S$348 is abit hefty to for me. I already got a walk man phone, i got an ipod shuffle, but i just want an ipod, cos the scroll wheel is like so damn cool! *Dreamin' of me scrolling and scrolling*
Reader: Stop it! Scroll scroll, later spoil den you know!
I haven't even got a Ipod yet. -______- But i just ordered one! It's a 4GB Black Ipod Nano 3rd Generation.

Reader: Order? Order from Apple ar?

No no, i ordered it from a blogshop =) I think i should share this deal with you all! QUEENsovereign is a newly opened Blogshop. And now they are taking pre-orders for AUTHENTIC Ipod Nano, Ipod Touch and even the "haven't release in SG" IPhone!
They might be cheaper than the "Usual" Price out there, but they are ABSOLUTELY Authentic and Brand new.For the iPod,iTouch & iPhone they have 2years warranty for all of them. Money back, top-up, or product exchange within 2weeks in good as new condition.So don't worry if anything happens...
Each Ipod,Itouch,Iphone have the INDIVIDUAL SERIAL NUMBER to prove it is AUTHENTIC. So if u're interested, do drop by Shoppingsovereign.blogspot to check out the deals =)

Typical ben

The 3rd Review for is...
Typical Ben!
Everyone's reading it, ARe you?
Check out my review @

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


ARgh! I got something to confess.
I'm the serial NANG-er!

Everyone who innits their post that their post will make it to the top #10, for a steady flow of traffic throughout the 24 hours.

So all i can do is wish them all the best by Nang-ing their post, regardless if their post are nice or not.

I heard that there is a Serial Dang-er among us. I guess i'll have to reveal myself to fight against him/her, and start recruiting people. Anyone wanna be a serial Nanger? PM me.

Nuffnang serial Nang-er.

P.s: I was joking about those interested to PM me, cos...

I work alone.

Typical day in RP.

Just as the title suggest,It's another typical day in RP...
With a laptop in hand. Hoodie. Today's lesson is about Subnet Mask, some kinda of data communication thingy. So confusing...Before i go on...Guess what this picture is about...
So "Artistic" right? This photo shows Confusion. The confused state of mind,which the Wires depicts the movement and flow of thoughts.The different shades of Greys represents...
Reader: Alright, stop this nonsense and continue blogging -__-
Sorry, i was just crapping. Dunno how to describe the photo...The photo is just a typical scene of a classroom in RP.
Just lots and lots of wires twisted around and around...So messy right? But who cares? Everyone just left their wires "hanging", EXCEPT for me =)
Finally school ended. No one's going home with me.I wouldn't want to take the 168 home alone...~ So lonely, Mr lonely...
For the Past 3 days...I called my Dad to fetch me. "Manda, Yi han, Rinn! Where have you all been?!" =(
Life @ RP have never been so bored...
*Off to write a Blogshop advertorial*

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Hei Sushi

Don't feel like blogging today but after seeing 50+ people come into my blog and see no updates, i feel kinda bad. Today isn't a good day because it's JAVA day again. I just can't seem to understand how this JAVA thingy works...And today come another facilitator, my first impression of him sucks. I dunno how i manage to survive from morning until now, looking at a screen full of wierd codes.

This post is long long x 5million overdue.It's during the holiday where me and Nurul went to Downtown East to have Sakae i mean, Hei Sushi.

Reader: HeiSushi?! Heard of Sushi Tei, Genki Sushi, Sakae Sushi ++ but HeiSushi?! Got type wrongly?

NO, you did not hear it wrongly, it's HeiSushi. It's located @ Downtown East. HeiSushi, it's certified halal, so you can bring your muslim friends to dine there. (and also to visit me!) HeiSushi is under the same company as Sakae sushi.Having Said so much, it's time for photos!

Yup, it's HeiSushi @ Downtown East =)

That's me and nurul with our food!!!
Alright, i can't go on anymore. That's all for my HeiSushi Post. I dun like what i am learning...I wonder if it would be useful in what i am going to be in the future. I got a classmate who asked the facilitator if he gives tuition. Why? He wants to be a hacker in the future -________-

Friday, April 18, 2008

Random thoughts...

I submitted my post for the RP blogging contest.Today's is the last day of the contest. If you would want to see it, you can check it out @ =)

Blogging isn't just about the amount of traffic your blog get. It's about the joy of writing/ recapp-ing what happened that particular day and how to make it interesting for others to read. Maybe if u read the Mind Cafe post, you will understand how i feel.

Signing off,
Dun forgot to comment after u read the Mind cafe Post =)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Mind Cafe.

Finding a place to hang out without spending too much $$?
A place where you can eat and play @ the same time?
My cousin & I had a hard time looking for this place...
So we decided to ask for directions @ the National library.
Guess what?
Free Candy floss! Who says there isn't FREE stuff in this world...
Okay, so now we know where that place is located...It's located @ 13 Purvis Street , Singapore 188592. Purvis Street... Sounds familiar...Oh, i know! It's the same street as Miss Clarity Cafe! SUPER HOT DAY! *fan-ning myself*
Ok, finally we found the place. So what's next?
ANdyStorm Say: "Table for 3,pls..."

We are not only here for the games but also for food!!!
ClaraDead: So what shall we order...
Duel Set! (2 drinks, 1 Munchie + 1 Snackies)

Friendly staff:
Okay! No problem =)
Alright, so what board game shall we start with?~ ANdyStorm looks around, Suddenly he say - "OMg."
*Points towards the shelf...*
~ Lewis walks towards the shelf and chose...
*Meanwhile, friendly staff approach with the Food and drinks!* Who0ts. Anticipation!

Potato Wedges + Sour Cream Chips + Chicken Chunks
+ Berry Cooler + MY Milo Gorilla GOZILLA!!!
ClaraDead: Okay, stop Drooling people. Let's start!
ANdyStorm: OK, OK, let's play...I KNOW!
Lewis: *Wipe off drool...*
Yes, the game is called "I know!" Don't know how to play?
No problem,Friendly staff are on Standby to explain the "How-to-play" to you.
Everyone's Favourite - Game of Life! Have u played this game before? It is SO "LIFE"! With every few step u take, you pay a few ten thousand dollars -______-
ClaraDead: Oi, Stop blogging! Concentrate on your game!
ANdyStorm: OK OK, alright, that's all for Mind cafe =) to know more checkout their website @

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Next stop:

If nothing goes wrong tomorrow...
I will present...
P.S: It won't be in this "Diary" form... I too lazy =X

Monday, April 14, 2008

Review Site

Out of boredom, i created this Site.
It's called to-be-reviewed.blogspot.
Want to hear another party views on your blog?
Submit your blog now =)

Just another update...

That's all, folks. Tomorrow's another week of school, Another week of trying-to-get-up-early-so-that-i-won't-be-late. Another week of Confusing IT stuff...Good luck, ANdyStorm!
*Gives myself a pat on the back* =)

Saturday, April 12, 2008


Well, i am quite Bored in class today,
So i decided to continue my "unique way of blogging"
Here's today's update...
Weblog@RP organized this blogging contest, and i think i am going to join it! I am so "into" all these blogging contest ever since i won the Viwawa blogging contest! Wish me luck people!

When is the BEST time to innit your post?

When is the BEST time to innit your post?
In my opinion, there are 2 timing. Before i go on saying what are the timing, of course, your post must be interesting or else within the next 10 minutes you publish your post, it will only have 1 or 2 Nangs. So u need a good post PLUS an eye-catching title. So that Nuff-nangers will be interested.And will nang your post.

First one: 11 AM.
Why? Having a interesting post will get you more Nangs, so more nangs means higher chance of getting into the top 10 post, so being in the top 10 post means more exposure thus getting you traffic for the whole day, till 11am the next day.

Second one: 10 PM.
Posting @ 10pm will get you traffic for the next 2 hours, (till 12mn),Where the nuffnang anaytic resets and begins for the next day, if your post manage to get into the top 10 list, it will means traffic from 12mn to 10pm, it's like almost the whole day.
I have to make this clear, it doesn't mean that posting your innit post at this 2 timings will guarantee traffic, it depends on your post.
So it's up to YOU whether you will get traffic from INNIT.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Random updates.

i guess NO one ever blogs like me.
This is my " Blog like a REAL diary" Post.
Blog = Online Diary
With the Correct Background and Correct Font,
Your blog like look like a dairy =)
P.S: The 2 Grey Stripes on the photo is actually Scotch tape to Secure the photo =)
(c)opyright to ANdyStorm

I thought...

I attained band 7 for my latest AD but...


This is the analytics for that week:
1156 Unique hits = Band 7.
For my last AD, i got 700+ Unique hits for that week. I thought this time, if i get more uniques, i would hit a higher band. but 400+ More hits is not enough to hit Band 8 =( Never mind, Jia you, one day i will be able to cash out =)

*There are other factors involved, like country ++*

Next post.

Chatbox removed.
For no particular reason =)
My next post would be...

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Bad Bad Day.

Today is a BAD BAD DAY!
First Day of school...First Day of Year 2...
Thinking what to wear for the first day of school...
Ended up wearing...
Guess what time i reach class? ~ 9.15am.
#1: 40 Mins LATE on the first day -___-
In RP,
Our Checklist is not the usual - Books, Pencil Box, Blah blah blah.
I was setting up my laptop and i realised...
It's like, laptop charger is one of the most important item in RP. How can i forget it??? At least i still remember to bring my laptop...*Pat myself*
Sometimes i wonder if i made the Right choice. Business computing. Am i really interested in it? Learn about network today and those "cheam" protocol things.
#3: I am NOT really interested in those.
Can i last for the whole year?

Thanks =)

I am in the midst of blogging about TODAY,
Then My Reader PM-ed me on MSN
She made this for me!
Thanks alot! Alicia =)

Monday, April 7, 2008

Extra cash?

Being a Blogger nowadays is basically blogging about what's happening in your life... AND....Writing Reviews!
You write about the Movies u watch,the food u eat,the places you go. SO, why not earn some extra $$ while you blog?

(Click on Picture to be directed to the website)
Posting a Review on the site will get u 10 Yebber$. And every month, The Yebber$ exchange rate is determined by several factors including Yebber’s revenue and the members’ contributions.SO for example, for this month, the exchange rate is...
You can exchange your Yebber$ when it exceeds 500YD or if the S$ equivalent exceeds $30.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

It's Band 7 again!

I hit Band 7 again!
I am happy and sad and the same time...
Happy because, i earned another 8 + Bucks through my blog
Sad because...

Friday, April 4, 2008

Everyone is nang-ing their own post!

Just as the title suggest...
U all got any REASON why u would Nang your own post?
Self encouragement? Good Head start?
No offense for Nang-ing your own post though.
Sometimes i also Nang my post for a good head start
*hey! a number 1 is better than a ZERO!?*
A post is Nang-ed when people click on YOUR title and directed to your blog,but Nowadays, people open the links in Tabs...
Open in Tabs = No Nang
So those in the TOP 10 INNIT post must be definitely interesting.
One way for people Nang your post is this:
If you like my post, pls click HERE to go back to Nang my post
Thanks =)


I realised that i haven't been updating about my life =(
I bet when all my friends read my blog, they will be like...
"~Haix, why ANdy never update about himself, why all those Nuffnang stuff..."
Yah, i realised it too, what with all those traffic when your friends come all the way to your blog(although it's just a click away...) and see those stuff that they are not interested in...but only the blogosphere is interested in...
So i just wanna say...
These are my "planned" Next few post...
#1:Where did i go? Can you see from this photo?
#2:What can i do with 3 Cat Soft toy, a laptop and a Camera phone? This is gonna be one of my "MUST-READ" Post! I am so excited to blog it, but it's not time...
#3:What are they doing to my blog i mean Block!!!
#4:Have u seen this at Bugis? I was so Amazed by it My itchy hands can't resist touching the water and guess what? It really "shoots" upwards! I wonder how...
#5:My outing with Nurul to Bugis and to the "halal" Sakae.
See! I've got so much to blog about...