Monday, June 30, 2008

It's Done!

Yes, It's done, it's finally done! What am i talking about? I AM TALKING ABOUT my FAQ. Thank you for those who contributed to the questions. Some of the questions are answered in the FAQ, some are not.

In the FAQ are a compilation of questions that YOU people are interested in! Like why is my Nick - ANdyStorm. Why is my URL freakin' long...Why this, why that... So spend your next few 15 mins reading, laughing out loud or just show the -____- face. Whatever, you are welcome to comment =)

Click on the Photo to be led to the FAQ page =)
Now i am left with the Nuffnang Apple contest and...My blog is almost 1 year old! so I am preparing for my 1 year anniversary =)

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Bowling @ Ehub!

Alright, back to blogging, perhaps some of you know about the “Misleading blog title” issue that happened few days ago, well, what I have got to say is just, if you like my blog, you are welcome to stay and look forward to my updates, BUT if you dislike/hate my blog, you can jolly well get lost and never come back =)

I’m suppose to blog this yesterday but due to UNFORESEEN circumstances, it is delay till today. It happened on last Tuesday?

Decided to skip Java lesson halfway because I was quite lost in class (partially because I wasn’t interested in Java. Peggy and I skipped class halfway and headed to Ehub @ Downtown east!


Yup, that’s me and Peggy =) happily skipping school and travel all the way from woodlands to Pasir Ris. One game cost 3 bucks + $1.20 shoe rental (students), Nebo member got discount. Nebo membership sounds very attractive…

*Get back to main topic*

We decided to take photos of us bowling. So I suggest taking multi-shots then I use photoshop to put the photos together and make it to an animation. Final result:


Me throwing a shot. I think the final pose is abit too off. I think my hand raise too high =X Is a gutter ball? Is it a spare?

NO! It’s a strike!


Peggy’s turn. So you guess who won? Who the better one? Isn’t it obvious? It’s *cough* me *cough* of course. No lah, on par la.


I win her by 3 pins only. I still get 2 strikes in a row leh!!! I tell u all something, don’t laugh ar… I feel that strike is a waste of money. You get to throw 2 times each turn but we wasted one turn by striking, why not just throw one ball, hit a few pins, den finish the frame by hitting the rest of the pins? =X

After bowling, we went to explore the rest of Ehub =)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Story Thus Far...


I am now 18, going 19 with a blog Named "ANdyStorm.Afresh✖ Are You Reading it?" Don't say i copy Xiaxue (Everyone's reading it!) cos her's is Everyone, mine is not. Maybe in the future?

Once again, i am 18, with hundreds of readers on this blog everyday.

I am a blogger, not full time nor part time, and i don't earn from my blog (except for Nuffnang) If u are a advertiser, you can look for me. If you are just a reader, continue reading.

What else is there? Just continue reading!

Q: So who the hell are you?
That's me
A:Well, i am ANdyStorm. My real name is actually just ANdy.(yup! that's me in the photo)

Q: Why ANdyStorm?
A: Well, it has something got to do with Storm from Xmen. Yes, the one below...
Storm from Xmen
I am a HUGE fan of the Xmen movie series.I just feel that she's kinda of cool, with her ultra-super-powers...(perhaps Halle berry plays a little part in my nick cos she just presented the role so well) So i just nicked myself ANdyStorm. Guess i'm stuck with it for the rest of my blogging life =)

Q: How old are you?
A: Well, looking at my face, what age do u think i am? Of course 16 lah! Then what? 18 ar? Yes...i am 18...

Q: So why did u start up this blog and when?
A:Well,This blog was created on July 2007. I created this blog because i needed a space where i can rant all i want. Before this, my blog URL was actually

Q: Then why did you change it to the current URL?
A:In S'pore, there is no freedom of speech in the blogosphere, there are things that you can't write as it may affect others.Something happened,so i decided to start anew, and come up with this blog.

Q: Why the URL?
A: Well, i kinda regret choosing such a long URL in the first place! Guess it's too late to change by now...I should have just used! Anywae, i booked andystorm.blogspot already. Just in case, another andystorm pops out =)

I'm famous?
Q: Okay, enough about your blog, let's talk about you, how did u get famous?
A: Well, a lot of people has been asking me that! My typical answer would be, i won't even consider myself famous. I am just a normal guy blogger who blogs just like you all. But somehow, SGfriends did help me a little... Guess i got a little bit more exposure bah.

But I don't deny that i like the attention. People recognizing me on the streets, or during events. Like "Hey! Isn't that ANdyStorm?"

I always blog hop, and i feel that there are some blogs which are actually good, but they don't have the exposure. Like no one to help them showcase their blog. For example, Jayden is a good,talented designer and a blogger, with Xiaxue's help, he is able to further showcase his talents on his blog.

Q:Have you ever tot that ur blog will be popular like now?
A: Nope. I hope it will be MORE popular in the future...

Q: Wow, so can you help me "showcase" my blog?
A: If your blog has the quality, why not? Perhaps, it's time to bring out a new batch of top bloggers =)

Q: Can you link me plssss....
A: Erm, sorry but i don't link people i don't know. UNLESS your blog got my attention and i am hooked onto your blog and want to show my readers your blog =)

Q: How can i get you to notice me?
A: Normally i will notice a blog when something big happens OR when a flow of traffic is coming from your blog to my blog...

Q: You are such a camwhore for a guy!
A: Is there a rule that says Guys aren't suppose to camwhore? Would u rather read a blog which is full of words and no photo?

Q: You are a short, fugly fellow!
A: Well, izzit my turn to comment on you? Pls send me your photo to im.andystorm[@], so that i can show my readers how tall, handsome/chio you are compared to me =) If u refuse to send me, then F**k off.
add me?
Q: Can i add u on MSN?
A: Well, if u manage to find my msn, i dun mind making more friends =)

Q:Where did u get all those time and thoughts to blog everyday?! Don't u have anything else to do???
A: Well, i'm in RP. I am facing the laptop 8 hours daily,know what i meant? Blogging is my interest.

Q: Can i post your entries/photos on my blog?
A: Erm, okay. Remember to link back =)

Q: I like your blog =)
A: Thanks, and hope u come back for more updates!

Q: Do you do blogskin?
A: Nope, i can't understand HTML at all =(

Q: Then are u going to change your blogskin?
A: If i manage to find a good blogskin or if anyone offer to make one for me =) You can contact me @ im.andystorm[@]

Q: Do you have any goal in blogging?
A: I just got one little goal. I just wish to have thousand hits daily before i enter NS! Haha, it's quite difficult to achieve though. *Praying*

Q: Will u ever "retire" from blogging?
A: I guess so =X
The end

My title is misleading?

I got people telling me that my previous post's title is misleading. They say i cheated them to come to read the post...

Comment 1: Recently i found many ppl misleading others by putting a title to cheat ppl to their blog...

Comment 2: It's so misleading. do you have to do this to invite traffic seriously? i mean, it's obviously.. nvm...

It was just a interesting way of displaying a post which says that i may not be blogging as much as usual. Perhaps u all don't get the storyline and took the title too seriously...

I see other bloggers put that off in INNIT and nothing happened like mine. All they got is comment like the one i got from LLY - "Nice one"

Yes, INNIT is not like where you can read the first paragraph and decide whether to read the post or not. Perhaps this time is a good time to send the message to all bloggers using INNIT to use a good and not misleading title instead?

I don't blame saintiara as she is addressing the issue as a whole.Quote from her blog - "and to ANdyStorm: not trying to bring you down or what, but i'm kinda disappointed....." so i gave her the benefit of doubt.

It's just a Gimmick...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I am closing down my blog.


I went to the the "blog-tor" just now, and he says that i am been blogging too much. He also said that i have some blog post on my mind that are not completed, so it's like a burden and they are slowing me down..That's the main reason.

So he gave me 2 weeks hiatus MC and ask me to rest well, use the time well and complete the posts.

So i have got an announcement to make...

Nah! Just joking, I have spent so much time making this blog famous and you think i will close it down? Fat hope, ANdyStorm-haters.

Just wanna tell you all, i am concentrating on my FAQ and the latest Nuffnang Apple contest. So i may not be blogging that often. After 4th July, everything will be as per normal.(Hopefully)

As for this period of time, i will still be blogging, but maybe not so much, or not so interesting post. Sorrie =(

Monday, June 23, 2008

Malaysians can really eat!

I'm currently busy with my FAQ, but u can have a sneak preview HERE. This post is random, nothing got to do with my daily life, but i just got to show this photo that i took in Genting to you all.

This shows how much Malaysians can eat! I wonder why it's not avaliable in singapore...Presenting the BIGGEST PLAYER OF THE SEASON!

Boom! The Mega Mac!!! It's 2 times bigger than our "Singapore" Big mac, if the singapore is big to you, this one will choke you! haha. 4 Beef patty, 3 thick bread, lots of veg, can u take it?

Saturday, June 21, 2008

We won a 4GB thumbdrive!

It's official, after waiting for a few month/a few weeks/a lot of days, I won the 4GB Sandisk thumbdrive! Partially through blogging.

eDirectory organized a article contest so i decided to join, all i need to do is just submit articles on anything, be it reviews on food, places, or anything! Being a blogger, i got tonnes of post on reviews, so i submitted a few.

Ask Nurul to join too. So she submit articles as well...

And guess what? We won! So during Break today, we left school, took the MRt to Yishun to collect our prize =)

A 4GB Sandisk Cruzer Micro Thumbdrive!!! A super useful tool for someone like me who uses laptop everyday =) and of course to get songs and movies from my friends!!!

We had our photo taken when we collected our prize and the photo was published on the main site of eDirectory! Check it out HERE. Anyway, this is the photo:
So after collecting our prize, we have to take the MRt back to school! Just in time. Of course, we took "individual" winner shots.
There! look how happy we are with my prizes =) I am looking forward to more blogging contest!!!

Yes, i know some of you may just say, " it's just a thumbdrive man..." yes, but isn't it free? Don't you just feel super satisfied cos you just won something, something that you don't have to pay for it, something that you worked for?

Blogging has definitely won me lots of stuff!!! Ipods, movie tickets, vouchers etc... So lookout for the next blogging contest!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

I want to do a FAQ page!

Everytime i on my laptop, i would tell myself - "I have to blog about my Genting trip, i need to select and edit the photos!" BUT everytime i would do other things.

When i really got nothing to do, i blog about the trip, k?

Today, is something very special. I want to let you people know more about me. So i shall do up a FAQ page like the rest of the famous people.

I will make sure this FAQ page would be a interesting one.

But before i go that, i would need YOU people to ask me things you all want to know! For example, " Andy, Why are u called ANdyStorm?", " Any chance it's related to X-men?" etc.

So...This is a Promotional Poster i created...
Ask me questions!
Do submit your questions using Haloscan below. Moderation is ON-ed for this post, because i know some people will come up with silly questions...(feeling guilty?)

When i feel that i have enough questions, i will do up the post =) So the more Questions the merrier!!!
more, MOre, MORe, MoRe,MORE!

I got my inspiration from Xiaxue. Checkout her FAQ HERE!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Happy Belated Daddy's Day!!!

I better post this post before it's overdue!!!
As if my dad will read this... But i heard his colleague's son reads my blog...

So how did you help celebrate your dad's day? As for my family... we had a simple lunch at Jack's Place =)

While waiting for our food, i was snapping photos non-stop, trying the get the perfect shot so that i can blog about it...
That's 4 happy people, having a simple lunch at Jack's place. So we looked through the menu and decide what we want and wait... *Sings* ~Why are we waiting, why are we waiting...
Here comes the food! With my 2 mega pixels auto focus camera plus photoshopping skills, does the food look appetising?

"Erm,excuse me, you are drooling, can u wipe them off before they drip onto your keyboard?""
The final verdict. Well, it was definitely well-spent. I would recommend Jack's place to anyone cos the food there is really nice + the ambience + friendly crew.

P.S: There is Student's Meal too! so we can save $$!

Alright, that's all for Father's Day. Did u realise the photos are bigger than those last time??? I think it's nicer this way...I still got my Genting trip to post...

*Off to edit photos*

Monday, June 16, 2008

Nuffnang Event, Movie Feista - Shaolin Girl.

Alright, i am finally back to 'Proper' Blogging, i deleted the previous 'Scheduled' Genting post because i will be blogging proper about the trip.

Reader: U really going to put your 600+ Photos on your blog???
Ans: Nope, i will just do a collage for each day, so that you won't have to wait for each and every single to load, u might be bored to death waiting...

Alright, as the title suggest, I am blogging about the latest Nuffnang Event, Movie Feista - Shaolin Girl. Everyone has blogged about it, i think i am the last few 'those' that haven't blog yet...

I brought Manda for the previous event, now it's Keith's turn =) We arrived quite early at Vivo, so we walked around to check out the superhero factory at the concourse, then Dr Von Doom came to challenged ANdyStorm!


Looking at his hand! I photoshopped a plasma ball for him =) After walking we just sat at the cinema lobby, i think i recognize some of my readers like candy-queen, jie ting etc.

Just when keith and i was trying to take a perfect photo so that i can put on my blog, a girl came up to us and asked if she can take a photo. We both stood up, thinking she want to take a photo with us, but guess what?? SHE WANTED TO TAKE A PHOTO FOR US...Read her whole post here.

I think it's quite funny cos she was super paiseh...


Here's the photo, I think it's very nice =) Thanks Nikkiko. After that people start arriving, Congrat-ed Jayden on his winning a ACER laptop because of his makan Man.

At about 4pm, we got our tickets =)


Let me tell you, THIS MOVIE...

Is not nice at all =( The Ending is super lame. You should not even pay to watch it, lucky it's a sponsored ticket. If i have to rate this movie, i would rate it...
= 1 star out of 5 star =
Ask any Nuffnanger who watched it, who says it's nice?

Saturday, June 14, 2008

I'm Back!

I'M BACK!!!!
*Throws Confetti here and there*

I got so much to blog... I haven't blog bout the last Nuffnang Event, and my Genting trip.

Now guess who i saw at Genting? By now, u all should know if u look at my tagboard. I saw Esther a.k.a Ice angel. So coincidence. *Sings*
~ It's a small world after all, it's a small world...

I failed my mission!!! I wanted to take a thousand photo on my Genting trip, but...but...i only got 600 =(

Alright, I shall end this post and prepare for my next few posts.

P.S: It's so amazing my chicken poxs can heal within a week.

Bloggers who read my blog can checkout this site to find out 'How addicted to blogging are you'.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Here i come!!!

Just a little short update...


P.S: Don't forget to say and take a photo or two when u spot me in the crowd=)

Current status: I am feeling good now, most of the chicken poxs are gone. Nope, i can't spread it anymore. I wil be going on a holiday next week! Will i update my blog on the go? Well, u will have to find out yourself =)

P.S: Princess Sabrina has just linked me for the "How Xiaxue.blogspot was born" post =)

P.S: Nope, i have not quit SGfriends. They just took my a/c for some testing...

Btw, what does P.S means???

Friday, June 6, 2008

What to do?

2 more days till i go on a holiday. Which means i won't be blogging for like 5 days? Or maybe i will...You'll find out...
How's my chicken pox? I think i have recovered, i think so. No more 'pox' growing, some gone, some became smaller, some dried i might be able to go on a holiday after all. Except that i need to touch up on the photos i take before posting it on my blog =X So minus 10%, u get the real me =)

I got another major problem...I got tickets for this Sunday's Nuffnang Event, plus some kinda of superhero voucher. BUT my mum says she is not letting me out of the house! Dammit! I know it's one day before we go overseas but...

I already miss tomorrow's event, for Blogger's treat! Now this Nuffnang Event...Who's going??? Drop me a comment below =)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

How xiaxue.blogspot was born...

Haix, still got Chicken Pox...Counting down, 5 days to holidays. Hopefully i can make it...Nothing to do, then blog lor...Sorry, no photos for the next few post until my 'pox' disappear. Lazy + Not in the mood to photoshop/take photo.

I was browsing through Xiaxue's blog. Her blog is really super interesting,Plus her amazing photoshop skills =X

You know what made her started her blog?
She wrote this diary(Hand Written!) then when she broke up with her ex-boyfriend, she passed the diary to him. One year later, she wanted to get it back, but her ex-boyfriend's girlfriend threw it away during CNY Spring cleaning!

So this is when Xiaxue.blogspot was born!

How did i know?
I was browsing her blog then i found this ancient video interview, which was shot ages ago on Channel i.

Channel i? What's that, i heard of channel U, channel 8 but channel i??? Never mind forget it, i dun wish to explain what's channel i, maybe this sentence will clarify how long ago this video was taken:

"The video was taken when Xiaxue's hits was 2000 per day"

So it's like ages ago lah. I painstakingly patiently downloaded the clip from her blog, create a youtube a/c, patiently wait for it to slowly upload just for you all!

That's all i have for today =)

Monday, June 2, 2008

Why at this time!

Allow me to just say a word...
Why must this happen to me! I am supposed to go for Saint John yesterday! I am suppose to go for a holiday next week! I am supposed to work the whole of this week to earn more money! NOW I CANNOT DO ANYTHING!

In case you dunno what's going on...
Dammit lah. I thought i just had normal fever on sat, so i went to the doctor, get some anti-biotic. Then on Sunday, My face got a few 'pox', then i realised i kena Chicken pox!!! Now i cannot do anything except for staying at home and blog.

HOW am i going for a holiday in this state. I might not recover in time. Even if i recover, the 'pox' is still there =(

I feel so bored...My holiday is booked already, money paid already...Why must it be now...Why can't it be after the holidays so that i can stay at home when school reopens...OR why can't it be any other time...

Anyone care to console me...