Sunday, December 28, 2008

vPOST Nuffnang Christmas Party Rocks!

For the past few days, I've been compiling the photos taken at the vPOST Nuffnang X'mas party! Although i did not manage to get all the photos, i shall make do with what I have and blog about how fun the event was!

The event was supposed to start at 6pm, but Me and Valerie reached at 6.45pm. We were still not that late because people is still streaming in at that time.

Had to register at the counter where Huiwen is, there were like so many I Nuffnang Badges placed on the table. I've like quite a few of those at home :) We were issued our entry ticket...

Each tickets comes with 2 stub where we can exchange it for a drink inside DXO. We can choose from Softdrinks, Housepour or Beer. As usual, whenever i tried to enter a club, I've to show my IC, especially this time when I am dressing up as a School Boy!

Before entering, we had queue up to take a photo behind the backdrop, like those celebrity event, where at the end of the red carpet, there is a backdrop to pose for photos.

Clara as _____. (I forgot.), Raine as SIA girl and Cherie as _____. (I also forgot) Didn't manage to take photos with Huiwen :( At first when i saw Ming, i thought he was a pilot, but when you look closely at his tie, you'll realise he's a student :)

Once Valerie and I stepped into DXO, we were walking around to look for familiar faces. Found Nadnut and Jayden in the dark. Nadnut dressed as a teacher (More like Sarah palin), Jayden is also School boy like me (His nerd specs is Freakin' huge!)

This bunch of bloggers came up to us and intro-ed themselves. (I think val knows them.) Saw my photo on a few of their blogs. The one in the vendetta mask is Weijie :) From this photo, you all can see what val dressed up as right? Soccer Player!

Soon, Winnie and Esther came. Both dressed as Santarina!

I was with this crazy bunch of Santarina the whole Night! Lucky me! Haha! Kenny Sia is not the only lucky one okay... That night, I finally found a common thing between Winnie and Peggy!

Winnie Heng and Peggy Heng :)

Peggy wants to be Nerdy Santa-rina!

The event officially starts when Ming gives his opening speech! Randall tan was the MC for the day! He did a really good job in getting the atmosphere high! There was also buffet dinner!!!

That's me with a lot of Santarinas hogging the buffet table!!! *Surrounded by Chio chio Santarinas* All Peggy's and Winnie's friend. While eating, one of the games started...

Best Dressed Male/Female blogger! We have the tranny, Samurai and Paranoid from the male's side, Venus, Virgin Bride and _____ on female side. They had to do the Catwalk on the stage.

Beside me is the Winner of the female , Opps, i mean Male category. Do you know who he is? HE IS TYPICAL BEN Tiffany! He came as a girl!!! Everyone was super shocked. Who would have thought he would dress up as a girl...

There is also a Award for the Top 3 most creative post. The top 10 blogs was flashed one by one on the projector, which is super cool! I think the blogger would be super proud to see his/her blog flashed on the screen viewed by hundreds of people.

Guess who won? Jayden! He really deserved to win with that cute video! Peggy won the 2nd Prize :) I should have joined!

The "Don't forget the Lyrics" Segment. Those who got chosen have to sing along to a X'mas song, then when the music stop, the person have to continue the next sentence of the song.

failed his attempt! So next was this Nuffie from M'sia who sang "Jingle Bells" (Honestly, I don't even know any X'mas song, except for a few chorus =X)

After the singing, it's the highly anticipated Lucky draw! The prizes are attractive!!! I did not win anything :( Boo! Boo! Val and Winnie won something...

Lastly, it was log-cake cutting!!! The VIPs went on stage to cut the HUGE logcake to commemorate this event. I heard the logcake is freakin' nice!! And it's chocolate flavour somemore!!!

Remember that I mentioned earlier about taking a photo before entering DXO? At the end of the event, everyone that attended the event got a personalized MyStamp! So freakin' cool! I won't even use it... I would keep it safely :)

Everyone also got a goodie bag each! A few of us took 2 =X

I brought my camera, but i forgot to buy batteries!!! So I have to depend on others to help me take photos, nevertheless...

Lastly, I just wanna say...
vPOST Nuffnang Christmas Party Rocks!

~Photos credits to Aversence, Peggy & Valerie.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Just wanna wish all My friends, My family, not forgetting my Readers, and anyone who passes by this blog...

May all your wishes come true!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Photos please...

Yesterday, I was at the FIRST EVER LARGEST Blogger Christmas Party in Singapore! It was held at DXO, the event was great!

For those who email-ed me about the superman tee, thanks a lot! But it was kinda rush, so i had to think of another alternative, so i went as...

What i really need now are the 384723942 photos that was taken last night! I brought my camera, but I forgot to buy batteries!!! *Smack myself on the head softly*

I want to blog about the event!!!

So those who have my photos, send to me a.s.a.p?

P.s: Those who came up to me to ask to take a photo also send me can? I want to see! If nice, i might put up on my blog :)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas is coming!

I'm urgently looking for a superman tee! This Saturday is Nuffnang X'mas party at DXO, and my alphabet is S, i seriously got no idea what to dress up as... So worse come to worse, i will just wear a superman tee down. But still I need a Superman tee!

I know a lot of blogshops are selling cartoon tees! So any blogshop out there have instocks of Black/White/Blue Superman tee? I need it by friday. Meet up in the east of Singapore. Kindly email me @ *Pray Pray*

Christmas is coming!!! Haven't really plan what i'm going to do this Christmas. Maybe i should start planning my wish list! You all should start planning your Wishlist too! Although what you wish for might not come true, just plan for fun. Wish for things that you really want :)

I already thought of my first item:

A new camera! I think i will get this Finepix Z20! The colours are super cool! I'm starting to save up for it le! If everything goes well, i should be able to get it by end of this year!!!

Oh ya, i removed my tagboard :)

P.s: Anyone got an extra invite for this Sat Nuffnang X'mas party? Got the invite but is going alone/ no one to accompany? I need one more invite! Pls email me thanks!!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Soyjoy Blogger Event

Finally i have the time to sit down and blog about this event! Edited the photos long long time ago, uploaded it to photobucket, but didn't get the time to do it!

Received an invitation to the Soyjoy event, where there will be a movie screening, and also a talk on Glycemic Index (GI).

It was held at...

Screening Room at 12 Ann Siang Road. I didn't know a place like Screening room exists in singapore. It's a great place for holding gatherings, where there is food, drinks and film.

Of course it's super boring to go for blogger event alone, so i brought Claire and Rinn along :) Had to chiong to Chinatown...

The "name tag" that was given to everyone that attended the event. Although we were late, we were considered quite "early".

I meant that, the event was supposed to start at 7pm, but there were still familiar faces like nadnut, Sabrina, and Priss coming in...

On the table were snacks for us to enjoy while watching the movie. There were Twisties, Potato chips, snickers blah blah blah, and not forgetting Soyjoy bars! Little did we know that the snacks are placed there for a REASON! *Revealed later*

Before the movie start, the 3 of us start taking photos, Above is us posing with the Soyjoy bars, Did you realise all 3 of us are holding the bar upside down?!

The movie screened was Supersize Me. It's a movie abt this guy who has to eat only items brought from Macdonalds for 30 days. It may sound like heaven to some of you, but after you watch the movie, you might want to stop eating Mac for awhile...

We decided to go out for a short walk halfway the movie because i was feeling abit sleepy =X We posed for another photo with the Soyjoy bars, this time with the goodie bags which was given to us at the end of the event.

After the movie was a talk given dietician share about the benefits of a low Glycemic Index (GI) diet.I managed to gain some knowledge about GI, if you are interested, maybe you would like to pop by this Wikipedia page to know more about GI.

At the end, we were asked to take out this form from our goodie bag and tick the items that we ate throughout the whole event! Being Greedy-me, i ate almost everything! So my GI indication was...

The above photo was a 'special something' from Soyjoy.A mugshot of my GI intake for that night! Everyone's GI intake was High, except for one girl.

Overall, it's was a nice event :)


Friday, December 12, 2008

Holidays are here!

Yay! Holidays are here!!!

Kinda lost the blogging mood, edited photos long long time ago, upload to photobucket, but everytime when i open the blogger page, the blogging mood seemed lost...

I still got 2 post to do, one of them is an event post! The event has passed like 324325 days and i haven't blog about it!

Bad news! Holidays means i won't be facing my laptop, 12 hours a day, 6 days a week. Which makes it more difficult to blog. Well, i shall allocate some time to blog!

Talking about allocating time, Sabrina PM-ed me to ask me if i would like to featured in her mag, Gadget3, so she sent me a short email interview.

Here are the questions,

1. What's your #1 New Year's Resolution?

My Ans: To be more organized! Everything is just happening too fast! What?! it's year 2009 already?My resolution is to be able to organize everything nicely. My room, my schedule & my thoughts.

2. How do you plan to keep that?

My Ans: Hire a secretary to plan everything for me :) Opps, i don't have the money! Guess i will just have to buy an cheap organizer, and stick to it religiously.

~ I'll be back

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

FIRST Blogger X'mas Party in Singapore!

I intended to do a full post either tomorrow or the friday to tell you all more about this FIRST EVER LARGEST Blogger Christmas Party in Singapore event, but i just read the email and realised the deadline to get your invitation is on the 12th of December!

So i thought i should better inform you all earlier so that you can do your blog post NOW to get invites!

(Click on image to get to the official webpage)

On the 20th of December will be the FIRST EVER LARGEST Blogger Christmas Party in S'pore! It'll be held at DXO, from 6 to 10pm!

How to get invites for this party?
All you have to do is to let Nuffnang know how you feel good about vPOST online shopping and shipping services, beginning with this blog title…

Also try to make your post interesting because you stand to win attractive prizes such as Air tickets!

Come join me and the other bloggers in this FIRST EVER LARGEST Blogger Christmas Party!

For more information, do click on the banner :)

Monday, December 8, 2008

Get your unique Blogger tee!

A lot of people have been asking me about the "I My Blog" tee. It's kinda cool where you are wearing a tee with your name/nick and your blog URL,isn't it?

So where exactly did i get it from? Nope, it's not from a blogshop. But it's an online store called "Comboutique". You get to design your own tee. It need not be I My Blog, It can be other things, i love my GF, i love my blah blah blah...

The best thing is... You don't have to wait long before your shirt arrive! Shipping is done within 24 hours, and in about 2 to 3 days, it arrives at your house!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

I will be back!

I realised i haven't update my blog for quite a long time!

I am super duper ultra tired now. Yesterday, went to Zouk for the Flesh imp fashion show, will update more when i upload the photos into my laptop. Saw Jayden there, the most unexpected thing that happened was...

While i was getting out of Zouk, i heard someone calling my name "Andy! Andy!" I was looking around to see who was calling me. Then there was this Malay girl waving. Guess what she say? "I read your blog, i'm from RP too!" I was like Wow. So brave of her to say hi, and say she read my blog. I think i wouldn't dare to do that lah.

To the girl: Hey, if you are reading this, do drop me a tag :)

I was super happy that people approached to say hi, and say they read my blog, so cool rgt? That time in school also. One of my classmate's(STARfan) friend, came and say hi, and say he is a reader of my blog.

*Back to yesterday*

After Zouk, hanged out with Ryan at orchard till bout 3am, then i was lazy to take NR7 alone all the way back to Pasir ris so we took NR2 to woodlands, slept over at his house.

Morning ordered Mcdelivery. Went home in the afternoon, and slept all the way to 5, went for dance training. And here i am blogging.

I will be back :)
*Off to sleep*

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Nuffnang Blood Donation Drive!

Before the actual event, i was thinking whether to donate blood anot, a lot of questions was popping in my mind. Btw, I don't think my mum allows me to donate blood. (I can imagine her face if she read this post!)

Nevertheless, I agreed to attend the drive when Raine called me. So fast forward to 29th November 2008, it's Singapore’s first blogger blood donation drive!

The event was held at Bloodbank @ HSA. Opposite outram MRT station. My time slot was at 1pm, but i was late =X (While walking in, i was still thinking it will be painful...)

Registered at the booth, we were given the I Nuffnang badge! I have like 4 of those! I am no.70, i wonder what the number means... I was also given a "Be nice, this is my first donation" sticker, some notes and a form to fill in...

After which, Rinn and I walked into the Refreshment room to meet the other Nuffnang-ers, Had to fill in my form, had a chat with those people i know, such as Valerie, and ...

Boss Ming. Everyone was asking about my Shirt, From the photo above it may look like a normal I NY shirt, but later you might see what is written on my shirt :)

Although my time slot for donation was at 1pm, I wanted to wait for Shawn. There were a lot of board games and a GIANT snake & ladder for us to play!

On every table, there is this piece of paper. Rinn and I decided to pose with it for Valerie to take. Might send the wrong message. Haha! After that we played games with the other Nuffnang-ers, played Taboo! It was super fun! Soon, Shawn and Ryan arrive!

We wore the same shirt, Actually, not EXACTLY the same. Although both says "I My Blog", it has our name and blog URL! Cool right? Bought it from an online store. Claire was supposed to come, but she got work last minute, or else 3 of us would be wearing the same shirt :(

Soon, it was time to our turn to donate blood. We were led to the official registration counter, where we submit the form. Shawn did not get to donate because he is only 17! No parental consent form! So i had to go for the medical screening alone. I am quite happy that i am healthy, despite all the junk food.

Next is the blood test to check my blood haemoglobin level to ensure that i can make a donation. I think this is the most painful part of the whole blood donation process! They used this device to shoot a needle at your finger, then blood will flow out.

Above is the process. They will let you hold this cute tomato stress ball. Then they clean my arm using a antiseptic wipe, then they inject a local painkiller, finally the thick needle. No pain :) The blood will flow to the bag below.

Within 15mins
, the whole process is done. Then they will bandage your arm with their cute bandage and you're done :)

Redeem my Goodie bag after donating. It contains a blogger T-shirt that says "I TOOK PART IN SINGAPORE’S FIRST BLOGGER BLOOD DONATION DRIVE". + A pin that indicates your blood type (till today, i still dunno my blood type!) and a cert!

A cute little cert of appreciation from Nuffnang :) Must keep away safely from my mum! Then ending the day with a buffet spread.

Lastly, ending off this post with the group photos. Each group took a photo with an alphabet, putting these alphabets together, it forms a word - Nuffnang!


P.s: Photos can be found HERE.