Saturday, January 10, 2009

Guess what came in the mail?

Sponsored Advertorial

It's not everyday I get to receive mail, I mean Snail Mail, not Email (I receive tons of emails everyday!). So when I got this mail, I was really excited.

It was addressed to ANdyStorm, which means it was for me!

You know nowadays blogshops out there basically sells mostly apparels, but this blogshop is selling handmade stuffs! In the letter is 2 of these Handmade Wire names.

Isn't it uniquely done? These things makes perfect gifts!

I got the letter quite a while ago, but didn't have time to do an advertorial for it. Ever since I got one of these wire names, I have been hanging it with my OMNIA, which is like a perfect accessory for it!

It caught people's attention, people were asking where I got it...

So basically, It's from a blogshop called "Handicrafti", everything in the blogshop is handmade. But the focus would be on the Wire name, there is a huge range of vibrant colours to choose from!

Honestly, if I were to choose another colour, I wouldn't know which to choose because every colour look so nice!

Do you agree?
And the price is quite reasonable and the quality is also good.

Their latest items are these cute little keychains and clips with a wire name included:

There'll be FREE normal postage, and you will get it quite fast, like 3 days? So to checkout more abt the blogshop, Click HERE or Click on the banner :)