Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Have you got your CNY clothes?

By now, I am quite used to writing Advert. But writing advertorial for a all-girls-apparels-blogshop is one Challenging task!

Chinese New Year is coming! Have you got your clothings yet?

I will be introducing a few blogshops where you can get your apparels! (Not only for Chinese new year!)

First up would be KittyStar! Before I actually accept advertorials, I actually look through the blogshop to see the things they are selling, whether it would appeal to people. And KittyStar has a range of cool apparels for girls! (Pss..The model is the shop owner herself! okay, that's random :X)

Do checkout their latest collection! All items are instock, and the price comes with FREE normal postage. Registered Mail is only additional $2 flat rate. You should be able to get your item within 3 working days (Just in time for Chinese New Year!)

So what are you waiting for?

With your pretty Apparels, You will need pretty accessories! Kittystar is also selling bracelet, their sales for bracelet is so good that they are taking orders for Batch 14! Which means it's really popular! I think the bracelet below is really nice.

Compared to other blogshops, Kittystar are selling it cheaper! Their own thick single link double wrap bracelet is really nice. Classy and Unique. Black and Gold really match.

Alright, Guys should be bored by now, So meanwhile Checkout their Vintage Cameras! They have a HUGE range of Vintage Cameras to choose from! It's really unique!

Ranging from 2 lens Camera to Unique Fish eyed lens to Mini Baby cameras! We are spoilt for choice, isn't it?! If I have the money, I would definitely buy one for myself...

Alright, do drop by Kittystar to checkout their item! There is bound to be sometime that appeal to you!

~ More blogshops coming up soon!

If you would like me to advertise for your blogshop, email me at for rates and enquiries :)