Saturday, January 3, 2009

I wanna make Blogger namecard!

Out of a sudden, I felt like having a Blogger namecard. Although I don't really need it, but i feel like having one. Perhaps it's something I want to accomplish in 2009?

And it's also quite cheap, it's like 30bucks for 200 pieces. So while the adults are giving out Ang pows this Chinese New Year, I might be giving out namecards, haha!

When people ask me for my blog address, I have to pause for 2 seconds, thinking should i just say OR But in the end, i will still say the longer one. BUT imagine if I had a namecard...

One of my friends was trying to remember my blog address, so she type tried different address in her browser like hethinkicarewhatyousay, youthinkicarewhathesay blah blah...

Get what I meant?

So after brainstorming and designing, I have come up with 2 designs! Although I already had in mind which will be my final design, I would like to hear what you all have to say!

So... After looking at the 2 designs, which one do YOU think is nicer. Even if you might not like anyone of the design, at least choose the one you prefer (: Pls include why you like that design better and perhaps how can i improve.

I should be printing them by Chinese New Year! To make things more interesting, I will be mailing out 5 of these namecards to 5 lucky readers! So if you want to get one of my namecard, all you have to do is comment at the end of this post.

Remember to include your email!

P.s: The more you write, the higher chance of me choosing you!
(but No essays pls!)